are you lonesome tonight?

Friday 13th January. Little Lisa Marie, Elvis’ only child, died yesterday. Lisa Marie Presley suffered a cardiac arrest at her house in Calabasas in California and was rushed to hospital. She died not long afterwards. It was Elvis birthday less than a week ago. He would have been 88. Poor Lisa Marie didn’t look too good at the Golden Globes the other night, so it’s kind of unsurprising that it happened. It’s also in keeping with the Rock and Roll death train that just keeps a rollin’, as we saw yesterday with the passing of Jeff Beck. Yesterday was rainy and cold as well, in case you wanted to know, which you probably didn’t. It was a dull day, and today, Friday is probably not going to be terribly exciting either. You make your own fun. The most amusing news story apart from the NSW premier’s pathetic groveling apology over a party costume from 2003, was that Australian mining billionaire, Twiggy Forester’s ridiculous renewable energy project, which consisted of building a huge solar farm in the the Northern Territory and piping the electricity via an undersea cable to Singapore, has run out of cash. No shit? It’s an ‘investor issue’, the ABC told us. Okaay. What it means is, this utterly stupid project isn’t being funded by endless supply of private money any more. From the Guardian, “Australian billionaires Mike Cannon-Brookes and Andrew Forrest have fallen out over plans to build a giant solar farm in the Northern Territory to supply Darwin, Indonesia and Singapore with power, with the venture entering voluntary administration.” This is a 30 Billion dollar project, and it’s run out of money already? Say it ain’t so.

What an asset to the landscape!

If you’ve seen pictures of this thing, it’s a monstrosity. The South China Post tells us that, “Billionaires Cannon-Brookes and Forrest have been key proponents of increasing Australia’s climate ambitions. Cannon-Brookes last year became the biggest shareholder in AGL Energy Ltd and has worked to hasten the utility’s exit from coal. Meanwhile, Forrest bought a major renewables developer and is seeking to transform his Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, a key global iron ore supplier, into a major producer of green metals and clean hydrogen.”

TBH these clowns would have been able to build three to five nuclear power plants for that kind of money, but they are either too stupid to figure it out, or just crooks who are looking to grift from the idiotic religion of Climate Change. Your guess is as good as mine. Anyway, the whole thing has ground to a halt. While looking at this story I came across an article in the same China Post that says Singapore has one of the world’s largest floating solar panel farms, spanning an area equivalent to 45 football fields and producing enough electricity to power the island’s five water treatment plants. The Australia-Asia Powerlink cable that’s coming from Australia is expected to channel renewable electricity to a solar battery in Darwin, before traveling by submarine cable 4,200km to Singapore. So it goes to a giant battery in Darwin first, and then travels under water for 2,609 miles under water to Singapore? Sounds legit for sure.

Again, two nuclear power plants would probably generate far more energy, but it’s muh renewables and muh climate change at play morons. Happy Friday the 13th. .

Good luck searching for videos with Elvis/Lisa Marie duets. You’ll get everything except what you want. The search engines only want you to see what they want you to see, which is Lisa Marie’s death…Finally managed to find one, and it’s pretty good. It rolls on to a whole bunch of them after the first has finished playing as well.