As expected,

last night Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primary. CNN, who seem to have a new found obsession with all things Trump, was there on the ground, showing just how fair an honest the US election process is. “Look, this is how honest elections are held. We’re showing you this to try and persuade you that this is exactly how it was in 2020.” Of course it wasn’t and these were Republicans. We’d all love to see the same coverage of the Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona or Michigan elections in 2020 where Joe Biden, who was behind at 10 o’clock that night, at which point they stopped counting. Magically, next next morning Biden was in the lead. Let’s see some video of that. There is video of it, but it’s surveillance cam footage. It shows people in Georgia dragging boxes of votes out from under tables and then counting the same stacks of ballots again and again. Maybe we’ll get more attention to detail this November, but I doubt it.

CNN – Nobody is worried about crime. Believe us.

In the Iowan primary, CNN was asking voters there if they thought the 2020 election was stolen. They had the poll results on the screen. A substantial amount said that they thought it had been. Last night we briefly saw the poll results of that same question on display. I can’t remember what the results were, but a lot of people in New Hampshire think the 2020 election was stolen, so many that we didn’t see anything about that for the rest of the night. CNN is running on the fumes of these primaries. They hosted a series of debates with the candidates before the polls began.

Trump. Fake News…Shooo!

These were the same ones that Trump refused to have anything to do with, and why should he? If the last election was stolen, which anyone with functioning brain knows is true, these upstart Republican candidates are complicit with the lie. They are part of the problem, they support the fake narrative. Why would the 75 million people who cast their ballot for Trump in 2020 and had their votes thrown into the trash, just give up and go away? What makes Nikki Haley think anyone other than dyed in the wool RINOs would want to vote for her?

Haley = Hillary 2 You can trust me.

After watching Haley she comes across as Hillary 2. She’s not a particularly likeable woman in any respect. She’s narcissist, and she even sounds like Hillary most of the time. Everything is about her. She says Trump and Biden are too old, ignoring the fact that a lot of the people she’s trying win over are approaching that age group. I hate to use the term, but she’s ageist. She’s the anti Trump though. Anything but Trump is what the establishment wants. The swamp needs to get back to ‘business as usual’. Politics is not about serving the people any more. It’s about keeping the political industry going. Trump tried to ruin all of that and actually work for the people. He’s the worst president ever, a dictator, corrupt, in bed with Putin etc etc. You know the story. Nikki Haley is the swamp. They’re paying her to stay in the race, despite the obviousness of her unelectability. The establishment have deep pockets. They’ll keep it going as long as they can stand burning cash to do so.

The fully cognizant Joe Biden

At the end of the night there was a statement from the White House to the effect that they now recognized Trump as the nominee for the 2024 election. This must have dismayed the people pushing Nikki, given the reasons I have outlined above. It probably came from Biden himself. Joe thinks he legitimately won, and in what’s left of his deteriorating mind, believes he can do it all again. I can imagine there will be a lot of finger pointing this morning as to who let grandpa speak to the press without running it past anyone. The painted whores at CNN were beside themselves trying to spin Biden’s endorsement of Trump, which had effectively thrown Nikki’s campaign under the bus. Next stop is South Carolina, where Haley was governor for two terms. Polls suggest she’ll lose the primary to Donald Trump. She’s pushing through though, at least until her backers back out. CNN will be there with John King standing by the big screen showing us all how honest, fair and above board the US election process really is. (unless it’s 2020 in swing states, then he’s out to lunch)