At the moment

there is an appeal hearing going on in Washington to determine if Donald Trump is liable for criminal prosecution for “attempting to illegally overturn his 2020 election defeat that saw Joe Biden take the presidency.” This ridiculous statement in quotes comes from the UK Independent. The gaslighting continues, and will continue until further notice. I know I shouldn’t talk about politics, so if you don’t wanna hear it, stop reading now. The fact that we are going through these, what seem to be Stalinist show trials, should be concerning to everyone, but nobody cares. Do we now live in a lawless society, where political opponents are arrested and jailed to silence them? If so, we’re going to see more of this stuff. The audio of the appeal is being broadcast live right now. Trump’s lawyer has a very raspy voice, and he’s a fast talker. This whole thing seems insane, but this is where we are today.

As I said, nobody cares about any of this. I don’t really care myself, but it’s like eating well or exercising. Although it’s easy to not do it, I think it’s helpful mentally to keep up with events in the world, no matter how dystopian it has become. People need to be prepared for anything. You have to pay attention, and you’re not encouraged to for good reason. They don’t want you to know. Just go back to sleep. As I was watching the BBC this morning there was another live event where a former politician (David “Lord” Cameron) was explaining his new position as Foreign Secretary in the current UK government. It all sounded like malarkey to me, as does this circus here.

There’s a city plow truck parked outside with the motor running. It’s just gone now. Now they’re talking about Nixon. The whole thing seems ridiculous. Trump’s lawyer has just said that “Factionalism was not a part of George Washington’s government.” I think that was the end of his argument, and now we are subject to the argument of other side. The pompous tone of this person doesn’t hide the feeling that he appears to have a shaky argument. This is ridiculous. Now he’s talking about Nixon. The judge (I think) seems to be questioning his logic. “Our interests are doing justice”, he just said. Clown world has just intensified, and I’m not going to pay much more attention to this nonsense.

I was doing my editing yesterday and at one point I had to shut down the computer. When I restarted it it went into an endless loop of “updating”. Three hours later it had decided that it couldn’t “update” because it wasn’t connected to the internet. What was puzzling was that I had turned off all the “updating”. So what’s going on then? I explained last week how fucked up Windows 10 is, and I thought I had solved all the problems with it. This was something else. It now appears that even if you turn off all the updates, spyware, useless apps and the rest of the shitware, there are hidden processes going on that you have no control over. If I could use some other operating system (this Jack Smith lawyer is a moron in my opinion… maybe it is Jack Smith himself? He sounds squirrelly) I’m still listening to it while I type this. Although I thought I had weeded out all of the garbage that comes with Windows 10, when I shut it down last night, it went into the “updating” death spiral. It’s beyond fucked up, but Linux doesn’t have anything acceptable that would allow me to achieve what I need to do that Windows, or (God forbid) Apple can do.

One of the judges here is asking good questions. This hearing is a waste of time and a waste of money in my opinion, but desperate people take desperate measures. This lawyer sounds desperate. He’s talking about taking someone on a hike now. It’s become absurd. Before I get back to my Windows hellscape there are a couple things I saw on the BBC news crawl this morning. The first one was that France now has the youngest and gayest prime minister in history. The other one was that 2023 was the hottest year ever. Now you’re up to date.