August is here,

and the summer has been pretty crappy so far. It was cold on Sunday, it was like Autumn had arrived. I don’t care really. It’s still 79 degrees in here, while it’s 72 outside. I could put on the A/C but then it gets too fucking cold. You can’t win. At least I get to say what I want on this page without some loser approving or censoring it. Social media can take a fucking hike as far as I’m concerned. I would like to think that the era of “Facebook” is on it’s way out. I don’t miss it at all actually. People who do the most posting on places like that, are usually annoying as hell. Everyone else is waiting around for someone else to post some inane garbage, or it’s some bullshit advertisement for a local business that I’m not interested in. It’s best function seems to be as a memorial for someone who died. It’s becoming a fucking digital cemetery.

Fugettaboutit. Over here in my world, I can say what the fuck I like (within reason) I don’t, for a minute imagine that the CIA, FBI, YMCA, WEF, WHO, Gulag, Bing bong, the witch is dead, the UN or any one of those alphabet orgs isn’t harvesting and scanning everything I say here for future reference. If you are reading this, it’s my opinion, which I believe I’m entitled to, so fuck off. So tiresome is this stuff. I don’t know what I’d rather be doing. Making ceramic figurines? Nah, I’m too busy for that. When you’re constantly pushing the creative envelope, you don’t have time for side projects like art. I need to go online and buy a new camera. The one I was using to film part of the live Fortress stuff seems to have stopped working. I fixed it once when I somehow broke the screen. It cost $15 for the part (from China) and then it was fine again. Now it records about 10 seconds of video and stops working altogether.

Yesterday I was recording the band and three of my cameras malfunctioned. Maybe it’s the heat, but it’s annoying. I sometimes have up to seven cameras going, which is far in excess of what I need, but it helps if one of them stops working. This is all fascinating I’m sure, but it’s boring even me, the person writing it. I was watching a video yesterday where this bearded fellow on Youtube was giving advice on how to attract women in a conversation. It was something like “how to spark a sexual attraction when you talk to a girl”. It seems like half of the population of young men now have no idea how to talk to the opposite sex any more. They have to take advice from some dickhead who pasts pictures of himself surrounded by bimbos, so that he can monetize his commonsensical advice on youtube.

I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem talking to women myself. Maybe when I was a lot younger, but then everyone is kind of shy when they begin talking to the opposite sex. It sorts itself out eventually. Nature always finds a way. It’s much harder now because of the feminist (communist) ideas that are constantly being implanted in women’s heads. I knew a girl once who I used to see quite regularly and she was sweet and nice and we had all kinds of fun together (sex). I didn’t see her for a while, and one day I saw her in the street. I said hi, and she looked at me like she hated my guts.

Karl L for Loser

Nothing had changed or transpired between us, except that she told me she had been living in England for a while. Somehow I think she had become a radicalized feminist over there, and now all men were “the enemy”. She didn’t articulate as much, but I could tell by her responses to my fairly normal questions, that I may as well been raping her with my eyes. The hostility I was getting from her was quite evident and weird. It was very odd and disappointing, not because I wanted to rekindle my relationship with her particularly, but that she’d turned from a sweet and intelligent girl with a great sense of humor, into a man hating humorless harridan. It wasn’t just me. I can be annoying, but not that annoying. Furthermore, I hadn’t seen her for a couple of years, and we left off the “relationship” on good terms. I had plenty of women to fuck, so I wasn’t desperate to get back with her again.

It wasn’t really a relationship so much as a semi regular fuck session, where she would come to me, and it was good. We’d never had a disagreement or anything remotely resembling a fight. I don’t hold any ill feelings towards her. I didn’t do anything bad to her, ever, and I still would talk to her if I saw her again. Hopefully she got past the “hating all men” thing. Some people get a bee in their bonnet and just flip out. Nothing I can do is going to change that. I hope she’s happy.

Feminism (in my opinion) is not helpful to women, but then it’s not designed to be. Also, Karl Marx was a loser.