There’s a howling wind outside, but I don’t care. It’s just weather, and it will be gone tomorrow. You only need to get above the weather in the sky and it’s sunny all the time. This is why pilots have such a great job. They can escape the weather. Not entirely though, because that clear air turbulence is always around. I like it actually, it makes the flight more exciting. I get the same sensation traveling along the roads in Upstate New York. They’re poorly maintained in a lot places, and it’s just like riding along in a plane when there is ‘rough air’. The wings are the wheels and vice versa. It’s almost the exact sensation, so unless the wheels/wings fall off, everything will be fine.

This has got to be one of the most inane daily journals so far, but wait, it might get even worse. I generally sleep like a baby during these tempestuous storms, it’s weird. I think in a past life I might have been a seafaring chap who was perhaps lulled to sleep in storms. How would I know? I don’t know if I even believe in past lives, I barely believe in this present one. Is this reality, or just an imaginary existence? I think this could be the dream, and there is another plane of existence. Many planes of existence probably. I was watching the series ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ recently, and the fellow who made it tells us that there was a civilization that preceded the Ice Age, which was wiped out in a great cataclysm. Of course if you look this up on an internet search engine, you’ll see that his theory has been widely condemned by the establishment, to the surprise of no one, ever.

That’s the trouble with the ‘establishment’, they’re too established. You can’t disagree with established wisdom.

Now that we’ve established that, it’s probably a good time to shut this down for the day. I’ve got too much to do, what with the Christmas Special and Christmas being one day away.

It’s half done, which means I have to do the other half. That’s Friday. It’s 13 F outside and the wind chill factor is probably -15. It’s definitely a good night to get in bed with someone.

Happy Friday.