Blue Sky

I was driving back from the Great White North today, and it was quite nice out there. The traffic was pretty cool, and I didn’t see Mr Stop sign either. I did see a bunch of workers parked on the side of the road fast asleep, so maybe they were just taking a break. If winter stayed like this it would be ok, but it probably won’t. Like corruption at the European Union, it has built in fuckery. The trip was a quick turn around, but now I have turned off all the water and drained out the pipes. I even emptied the fridge and the freezer. I was busy, and didn’t have time for much else.

I don’t know what’s happening in the news, but let me look. Oh, it’s just the usual illegal government criminality, nothing to see at all. I don’t care, it’s unsustainable and will eventually collapse under it’s own weight. The biggest news is probably the crypto scandal involving the Democrat Party’s second largest donor, Sam Bankman Fried who was arrested in the Bahamas. According to CNBC, FTX ‘executives’ Bankman Fried and Ryan Salame spent $256.3 million to buy and maintain 35 different properties across New Providence, Bahamas.

Bankman fried alright. I’m sure there’s a good explanation, if they/them ever get to tell the truth about any of this. Remember we’re talking about the Democrat party’s second biggest donors here. And they call Trump a crook?

Oh Lord, it’s all so tiresome. I don’t wanna be talking about any of this garbage really. I can’t think of a topic I’m interested in today. I’d like to be at the beach TBH. But then sometimes that can be a dark place too. I remember being a lot younger and being on the most beautiful beach at my Aunt’s place in Eden, and feeling totally depressed. About what, I don’t remember. The beach ain’t the ultimate cure for everything. I still get depressed, and it’s about nothing really. I’ve nothing to worry about, because I simply don’t care about anything at all much. Well, obviously I care about people who are near and dear to me, but anything else can go in the shredder.

What do? Listen to some music.