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  • The “news” today

    is crazier than ever. California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to appoint Oprah Winfrey to the Senate to replace Dianne Feinstsein. I think I can safely say that’s never going to happen, not in this life or the next. It does starkly demonstrate the state of Newsom’s mind though. In other news, Black Lives Matters are […]

  • Bring out your dead

    Astonishingly yesterday evening, there was a headline at the top of the Citizen Free Press website that read ‘Awesome Moment From The Australian Senate’. Clicking on that link brought you to a speech by Queensland LNP Senator Gerard Rennick in the Australian Senate. In the speech in a sparsely populated chamber, the senator delivered one […]

  • Decemberist

    It’s the first of December and it snowed this morning. Like clockwork the seasons come around. It’s almost like Nature doesn’t subscribe the the religion of Climate Change. I was looking at some Google flights yesterday and now all the flight listing come with an “emissions” number. So if you’re flying from New York to […]