does not pose a threat to us, they literally think we are gods. I got my new phone case in the mail yesterday and it came sealed in a plastic pouch. On the outside it said “Hello My God. We Take Care Your Need”. Okay!! See, we’re gods to them. No need to worry. It’s a really well made case too. In the advertising business there are magic words and tragic words. The current tragic word is “transition”. It’s how the devil tries to trick people into giving up what’s actually the correct way to go. If you watch the Marxist media you will hear that word used a lot. If we’re not transitioning to a greener ‘net zero’ future, we’re transitioning from men to women and vice versa. It’s the satanic way, pretending you are God. What stupid God gave you isn’t good enough, you must transition away from that into what the real God thinks you should have. God gave you a penis and balls, but that was a mistake, you must cut them off and blossom into who or what you really are. A true woman. Likewise, if you are born female, that’s probably God’s mistake. Cut off your tits and grow a pair. (or should that be the other way around?) They say doctors like to play God. That’s demonstrably true now, and doctors in the past were most probably instruments in Nature’s healing process, not God players. Now they get to decide what sex you are. That’s truly God like. It’s awesome.

It’s the same with the ‘net zero’ God play. God put us on the earth with an abundance of natural resources to build communities, countries, civilizations even. We have an almost unlimited supply of minerals and energy resources with which to prosper and grow. With our superior intelligence we have managed to travel to the moon and back, something that would be unthinkable before mankind really started using what has been provided on earth to do these things. Now they are no good. So-called “fossil fuels” (there is no such thing btw) are destroying the planet. Even gas that has been used to cook food in kitchens for almost 200 years, is suddenly very bad for your health. It’s all a net zero, electric utopia. Electricity comes from the sky fairies or somewhere, who knows? Just believe, you are god now, you can do anything. Actually it’s the insane government and the UN who’s god, you must simply obey and believe. Transition, that’s the new godly way to move from the old world into the new, greener more diverse and inclusive society where there are no borders and everyone just gets along fine. Live in the tiny house, eat insects, own nothing, Netflix and chill.

Gas was used to cook food safely and efficiently for 180 years. It’s bad now.

Trans, trans, trans. Transfer your wealth to someone more deserving, for it is you who have oppressed the masses in third world countries with your arrogance and colonialism. It is you who is destroying the planet by having children, eating meat and driving gas guzzling automobiles. You are a bad person and you must pay. Yet paradoxically, the Chinese think we are gods according to the Moblle (sic) Case company. In all of Hong Kong and China they couldn’t find one person to successfully translate some simple English? I don’t think China is a threat, but than at this point if the Chinese took over the world it would probably be an improvement. At least they want China to stay Chinese. What a concept! It’s probably racist.