erfquake monday,

Monday Feb 6, and there’s been an earthquake in Turkey as if you didn’t know. Now that I watch the BBC breakfast show, I know these things. It’s a curious almost lifestyle, program that skims the news. For example to day there was a story about a mixed race couple who were were found dead at their home, along with their child. The police said there were no suspicious circumstances. What?? Meanwhile there was another story about a policemen who had been on a raping spree for most of his career. We saw multiple pictures of this dude. He was white of course, so by default a bad person. I won’t hold my breath waiting for an explanation for the sudden not suspicious death of the family with the non white dad. If you think this sounds like racism, you’d be correct. I prefer to call it “noticing certain trends”. Since I’m white, these things interest me. I didn’t start the trend btw, I’m just trying to enjoy my life without being demonized for existing.

“Science”, it’s what humans crave.

But back to the Erfquake. It looks pretty bad. Over on alternate media, somebody had predicted the event three days ago. There is a big debate now about whether it was just a lucky guess, or this guy knows more than we do. The guy’s name is Frank Hoogerbeats. I can’t find the thread at the moment but I did see another one about the Demonic Grammys. If the Grammys were not Demonic that would be news. I don’t know who even takes that rubbish seriously anymore TBH. It’s even been satirized by the Simpsons years ago. Grammys schmammys. I’ve just read that a 3.8 mag earthquake hit Buffalo NY, this morning at 6.15. I was asleep, so I guess if there was any aftershock here I missed it. I have experienced earthquakes in Melbourne, and more recently in San Francisco which was my home for five years. One of them felt like an elephant had backed into the house, and the other one, I was standing out side. It went ‘crack’, and it was like a long bolt of energy shot all the way down the hill on which I was standing. Nothing broke, but it was weird for sure.

I saw a guy reporting from this site this morning. That’s messed up.

An anon’s theory from a message board is this..”magnetic north pole migrating north, when it hits 40 degrees the magnetic poles will flip (if it does we will all die by earthquakes/tsunamis and cosmic radiation). It was almost there and stopped it’s northward migration, wiggling on that point back and forward a little (like it is about to tip over), exactly when the earth’s core stopped and reversed.” I’m more inclined to believe this than CNN, but I’d believe a homeless bum’s assessment of anything before I would trust CNN for information. Breaking news..The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution Tuesday relaxing the embargo on arms exports to the Democratic Republic of Congo, a decision hailed by Kinshasa as an “injustice repaired”.

Great! I’ve got stuff to do now, so if you want to follow the earthquake no doubt there are many places you can see it. I prefer the cat adoption room cam myself. No earthquake, but plenty of cat action.