For some reason,

it’s not snowing yet. It’s Friday March 3. It was supposed to be, but I’m glad it’s been put aside until this evening. I’ve got nothing to talk about today, so I’m talking about the weather until something sneaks up out of my head, and as I’m thinking this, it’s already happening. Yesterday I was talking about Elon Musk and his “Investor Day”, where he was going to save the planet for ever at the low, low cost of only ten trillion dollars. The lion’s share of this sustainable utopia was, I believe going to be ‘sustained’ by the use of batteries. I started thinking about batteries and ghosts, and how whenever you watch those ghost busting shows the first thing that goes is the batteries. “Dude, my battery has just been totally drained!” I’d like a trillion dollars for every time I’ve seen that on TV. Then I began to wonder if this wasn’t all part of a demonic plan to have the entire world run on batteries. If batteries are so easily drained by malevolent or other supernatural entities, wouldn’t that give them an unlimited supply of energy that they could keep using?

Now I know that there are things with batteries that don’t seem to get drained by ghosts, I use them myself. I have an awesome Makita drill that just keeps going and going, as well as truck and car batteries, and of course my phone, which can go for days at a time without a recharge. But what if the whole world ran on just batteries? What then? I don’t know, and I hope we don’t have to find out. I’ll try not to get drained myself at least. I’m not talking about the weather any more. I wanted to talk about other stuff involving haplo groups and ancient migration, but I couldn’t find the chart that I was looking for, and maybe I didn’t even save it. Let’s just say for a start, I don’t believe we all originally came from Africa, but that’s pretty obvious, to me anyway.

As history continues to be re-written by interested parties, it’s worth keeping hard copies of things in case the truth about everything is eventually completely erased by google, wikipedia and even established and formerly trusted organizations like the well known dictionaries and anthologies that we’ve always depended upon for an unbiased and unvarnished presentation of facts. Everything online can, and will be perverted in the future, and I’m not talking about porn. I know what you’re thinking. Artificial intelligence even, is being twisted to represent the narrative that it’s creators want it to have. At the moment some of these platforms are exhibiting psychotic episodes, much like their creators, who must live in a constant world of cognitive dissonance, and self loathing. In the distance I think I hear gun fire…. but It’s only fire crackers. It’s not anywhere near July 4 yet. Maybe it’s a practice run?

Once upon a time, trams used to run down to the Ferry at Balmain

I don’t know. I’m totally over fire works after living on the tip of the Balmain peninsula within spitting distance of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and hearing fucking fireworks go off at least twice a week for about 5 years. The disco party boats were the worst. If I hear Nutbush City Limits again it will be too soon. I’ve run out of talk now. I think I’m going to order some Chinese take out for dinner. Have a fun weekend! Happy Friday.