Forest meet Trees

It’s Wednesday Jan 4. Yesterday I was talking about the election of house speaker in the US congress, and obviously I didn’t understand how it works, although it’s fairly straightforward. The party with the most numbers gets to elect speaker, but the opposition votes on it as well. As it turned out, nobody was elected because some people are actually sick of the Uniparty and want change. This is a good thing. McCarthy is a career politician after all, and we all know how that goes. Some of his critics call him a Rino, and it’s probably true. There are quite a few of them still hanging around. Who could forget John McCain and then Mitt Romney as the GOP’s presidential nominees in 2008 and 2012. You may as well have not run anyone at all. People seem to forget that because of Obama we got Trump, that’s how bad things were.

That’s all I have to say about it for now. I don’t have much to say at all today really, but because this journal is the equivalent of walking 4000 miles (I left the miles part out of yesterday’s journal too) to increase my carbon footprint, I have to keep going. Speaking of footprints, last night I watched Frozen Planet 2, a documentary series from the BBC, where David Attenborough lisps his way through a script all about the critters that live in the frozen wastelands of earth. I don’t know how that word ‘waste’ fits in, because nothing is really a waste. There appears to be life everywhere even in the freezing sub zero parts of the planet.

About half way through this fascinating show, I started wondering how, if there’s Global Warming, then why haven’t the mountain tops started to melt? They must have heard me, because soon after I heard Attenborough telling us that there were going to be more and more deadly avalanches because of what I said. That, and the glaciers were all melting away like discarded ice cream that someone dropped on the way back from the stand where they sell it in the summer. I got to wondering how the Ice Age ended without human intervention at that point. Compared to today, the entire Northern Hemisphere was covered in a giant ice sheet. Will they find ancient SUVs in the melting permafrost soon? Enquiring minds want to know. The photography is amazing, which is worth it, despite the mentally ill pronouncements of doom, which are thankfully, few and far between.

The Breaking News right now on Citizen Free Press is that Trump has again endorsed McCarthy for Speaker as I am writing this. Since I can’t log into Truth to see if this is “True” I can’t verify it. There’s nothing on Twitter about it. This is gonna be interesting.

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