Friday, friday, friday…

It’s ah……Friday. The smoke has gone for now, but maybe more will come. It depends how many more fires Antifa can light before there’s nothing left of the forests in Canada, or as Kathy Hochul pronounces it, “Can-da.” This woman seems to lose consonants all the time. In Australia they add them. I have actually heard a news reader pronounce atrocity as “au-trocity”. Unknown becoming “unknow-un”, is another good one. Then there’s my favorite, which seems to be universal, the disappearing “T”, such as “impor-ant”. Consonants are not that impor-ant any more. They’ve become optional, like paying for things in stores in some places. Why pay for goods when you can just walk out with them unchallenged? It’s not an impor-ant part of shopping to pay for things. After all, you are probably owed it by the greedy retailer. I don’t know man. This isn’t going to end well at all.

Lost consonants wandering the Thesaurus

But let us not dwell on the negative. The weekend is coming up, and there is so much to enjoy. Let us not be bothered by the confusion of the ever evolving human language. I almost finished watching “Prehistoric Planet”. The first series was ok, but series two was a lot of horse shit, because they’ve clearly run out of ideas. They’re just pulling stuff out of their asses now. It’s stupid, actually. It’s like a goddamn dinosaur soap opera at times. Maybe I was watching the wrong show. Billy and Bo (who are very old now) from “Days of Our Lives” may have regressed 60 million years and are have devolved into Velociraptors dealing with problems caused by Saurornitholestes. Shitholesters, they’re everywhere now. They’re stealing goods from the Home Depot and you’re paying for it.

Cheerleaders with big mouths in space, sometimes grow extra limbs.

There’s been a lotta talk this week about Space Aliens. I think it’s largely bullshit and a distraction from the criminality going on in Washington, but time will tell if it’s real or not. Until someone gets one of them to appear on CNN in a Town Hall, I’m going to be skeptical. Mike Pence, although Alien-like, didn’t really qualify. Bah, it’s 70 degrees outside. I want to go the the Filipino grocery and get some take-out, but I can’t be bothered. I was out this morning, but the driving was crazy. I don’t feel like dealing with it now. I’ve got a lot of things to do. I had to get up on the roof of the Fortress yesterday and cut back some trees. The fucking trees are threatening to take over the house. I didn’t cause this problem. The previous owners did every little in the way of maintenance, especially when it came to pruning trees. They were already too big when I got here. It’s when they start knocking the wings off my gargoyles that it becomes very annoying.

Sometimes on a Friday you just wanna go out and get wasted. I haven’t done that for a while. Probably pre -“pandemic”, was the last time, but now things are back to the “new normal” it’s a possibility. I probably won’t, but I’m not ruling anything out. By being “wasted”, I’m talking about three margaritas, that’s about my limit. Everything in moderation except perhaps when you’re with a new girl friend, and then all bets are off.

Happy Friday.