Good Friday

….and we’re off to a late start today. It was a travel day, so I have only now gotten to write something here at 8 o’clock tonight. I was watching that festering cesspool called the ABC before. I honestly wish they would stop reporting on things that happen here. It’s always wrong and it’s always fake news. Take the Trump story with the person who they had on to tell us all about it. First of all the fellow works for Politico which is about as left wing and partisan as you can get. Everything he said was the opposite of what’s actually happening, and the stupid airhead useful idiot women who host that dumb weekend morning show ate it up like candy. No wonder everyone I talk to when I go down there thinks they know better than me. They’re listening to this utter shit and lies, and believing that it’s true. The ABC is fucking disgrace and should be defunded in my opinion.

Heckle and Jeckle on the ABC…stupid is as stupid does

Now I don’t care if the guy from Politico is “one of the most pejorative words in Australian English, perhaps because of its use in the phrase …….bashing, which arose during the 1960s and 1970s during organised hate crimes against homosexuals across Australia and particularly in the Sydney district of King’s Cross, a major centre of Sydney’s gay social life. Beyond its use as an anti-homosexual slur, it is also often aimed at males who do not conform to normative ideals of masculinity in other ways, particularly in the fields of art or academia,” Ooops the wikipedia thought police just stepped in. But really, if we’re going to make gender and sexual preference a MONUMENTAL big deal, then I’m going to call it for what I think it is. They started it, not me. I’m heterosexual and there are only two sexes for the record. That statement is probably verboten to say if you live in a delusional world of mental illness, but Nature and MY OPINION says it’s true.

I’m so tired of all of this shit it’s not even funny. While we’re down there in the land of stupid. I heard a new wrinkle on the “taking of a knee” for the so-called “First Nations”. This person was doing the usual disclaimer that we acknowledge that so and so tribe walked around here, so you’re guest and don’t you forget it, blah blah blah. Fine…whatever…There was an added caveat this time which went something like, “this land was Aboriginal land for 65 thousand years, this is Aboriginal land now, and (this was my favorite part) this will ALWAYS be Aboriginal land now and forever.” Really? How the fuck do you know what’s going to happen in the future? What if aliens from another planet take it over? What then? Do you think they’re going to be a compliant and PC as the idiots you’ve brainwashed with this divisive nonsense so far? Good luck with that. It’s all so tiresome and yes, hateful.

This feculence of stupidity was possibly eclipsed though on NPR radio this afternoon, on the drive up here. First of all we had “Science Friday” which was all about Frogs, which was inane, but even better, the main topic was Covid vaccines! Yes folks, they are still talking about covid like it’s real, and they are still talking about vaccines, as if they actually work! And you thought it had all gone away. Oh no. It was astonishing in both it’s tone deafness and criminal ignorance. “Science” it was not. It was flat out crazy talk. “When can we look forward to some new boosters for these variants?” How about you just jump in a suicide pod and get it over with? Canada has them now. It’s not far away. Just when I thought I had heard it all, some lunatic came on the air and started talking about a recent study which concluded that there are more baseball home runs in recent times, because the rising temperatures of the earth has made the air hotter, and therefore balls were going faster now. I couldn’t tell if this was a joke. It wasn’t April 1st, and is WAS NPR, so it probably WAS real.

I’m going on vacation next week, but I’ll try and post something if I get inspired between now and a week from this Monday . If not, you can find me on Twitter sometimes, Instagram and now …TikTok! I haven’t posted anything there yet. I hate all of these platforms but I need to like them now to keep up! The weekend here will probably still have the usual T and A for lovers of natural beauty.


Twitter sometimes…

I haven’t started shitposting on TikTok yet but the account name is the same as Instagram. * I would add that I try not to post on any of these social platforms anything of a political or inflammatory nature or anything that might trigger or set a pack of howling dogs upon me. This website is essentially private. If you don’t like what I say, you don’t have to be here. Everything here is my opinion only, which can take or leave as you wish.