Having a Virtual

Private Network (VPN) allows me to see television media in other countries, particularly Australia, where I’m originally from. You’ve heard many times what it’s like there, if you’ve read anything I’ve written in the last two years or so. I normally watch the ABC Downunda in the morning when I’m having tea and toast for breakfast. Because it’s literally on the other side of the world, it’s night time there, and that’s when some of the real crazy, koo koo shows come on. Australia is part of the British Commonwealth, as is Canada, New Zealand and a host of other countries, most of them much smaller. King Charles is the head of state of all of them. I watched a lot of Canadian TV during the trucking protests, and it was as bad, if not worse than the Australian version. I stay away from New Zealand because I simply can’t take the accent. These things probably aren’t very relatable to anyone who isn’t originally from a Commonwealth country, but the US equivalent media would be NPR. It’s extreme left wing propaganda masquerading as news and information, and that’s why it’s so entertaining.

I can listen to NPR all day long because of this. It’s gotten worse since Trump was elected in 2016, and is almost full blown insanity in 2023. This morning I was watching something on the ABC called “Q and A”. It’s a panel of experts with a live audience discussing some issue of the day. The ignominious Stan Grant used to host it before he quit, accusing everyone of racism. Stan has landed a professorship at Monash University in Melbourne. It’s a perfect job for him I would say. In his place tonight is Patricia Karvelas, an unpleasantly supercilious woman who, according to Wikipedia a is a “radio presenter, current affairs journalist and political correspondent”. We have something in common in that she started her media career on Melbourne’s community radio station 3CR, hosting shows such as Wednesday Breakfast and Girl Zone.

Little Patti… smug in the Girl Zone

That’s where the commonality ends though. Tonight’s Q and A was about..you guessed it “racism”. At least I think that’s what it was about. I came in in the middle of the show, and a portly, clean head shaven fellow was defending “free speech”. Apparently his political leanings were against “The Voice”, and some of his fellow travelers were being accused of being racist in their efforts to dissuade people from voting “yes” in the pending referendum. The Voice is about changing the Australian constitution to recognize Aborigines* and give them a “voice” in parliament. What that actually means in practice has never been fully explained by the Albanese government, and the polls are beginning to show that the majority aren’t going to vote yes, because they don’t really know what they’re voting for.

The Real Voice mate, and the mullet is back!

Hence the topic tonight of “racism” as applied to the referendum. Clearly the government has started to panic, and so using their propaganda arm the ABC, they have decided to use the old “you’re a racist if you don’t vote “yes” tactic. It’s the extreme left’s standard fall back. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you as being a racist. It’s eminently predictable of course. After Mr baldly gave his impassioned denouncement of the hate speech and racism of his colleagues, the lady sitting next to him (I think she was a politician or and ex politician) chimed in. I’m paraphrasing here, but she essentially said that it’s racism to question the motivations of giving Aborigines a voice, because really it’s just about recognizing them in the constitution and giving them a say. It’s nothing really, and people should be ashamed of themselves for being so hateful and racist to oppose it.

Pelosi tearing up the President’s State of the Union Address like a five year old

There’s nothing to see here, you bigots, so just do the right thing and vote “yes”. It’ was reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass the (Obama Care) bill to see what’s in it” remark in 2010. The audience heartily applauded this inanity, and that’s when I had to switch it off. It’s quite funny to watch these nuts, but at some point it stops being amusing and it’s just tragic. You have to know when to quit.

*Down Under the government/media complex have adopted the term “First Nations People” to describe the early Indigenous Australians. To me it is a loaded term. What is everyone else called? Second Nations People? It’s a cultural Marxist trick to divide society, as far as I’m concerned. Voicing any opposition to it is most probably, definitely and decidedly “racist”, according to some people. Who decided that “some people” had the authority to make these arbitrary rules? That’s the real question.

You’re the voice no, you’re the voice..I know you are, but what am i?