I got

my D’ (ing) Angelico back yesterday. Today is Tuesday Feb. 7 and the relative humidity in here is 1%. It means that every synthetic item of fabric is generating a force field of static electricity which will shock you when you least expect it. Turn on a light switch and you get zapped. Touch a metal bed rail and it’s like you’ve been tasered. It’s fucking horrible. I’ve been running a humidifier for two days, but it’s had no discernible effect. I sucks actually, because you don’t know when you’re going to get an electric jolt. It’s quite painful and unexpected. Not as painful as being homeless in Turkey when your shitty apartment building has just collapsed in an earthquake though. The only person in more pain is that grifter Zelenskyy who realizes that it’s going to be harder to get cash out of people now that there is a real humanitarian crisis at hand, and not a manufactured one, which is the “War in Ukraine”.

Over at the BBC this morning they were reporting on the woman who had suddenly disappeared while walking her dog. The police seem to have decided that she fell into the river, and she must have not been a witch because she didn’t float. That might make her family feel better about something at least. I’ve got too much to do to be even writing here but I’ll keep going for a bit. I’ve got a latency problem with my Digital Audio Workstation. When I play back something I’ve recorded the sound crackles. It’s not recorded like that because if I move it off the platform it plays back fine. It just means it’s hard to edit things because the sound is shit. I’ve got to figure that out. I suspect Windows 10 has something to do with it. Windows sucks as an operating system. Not as much as Apple though. A lot of the recording apps and hardware were designed to work primarily on Macs, but I could never afford one.

I’d happily ditch both of these dogs of O/S’s for Linux, but I haven’t yet found an alternative recording app that’s as comprehensive as the one I use on Windows. I also realize that this computer talk is tantamount to to putting one into a sleep inducing coma, so I’m gonna stop there. Here’s some good news from Twitter, “Thailand will become the first country to make the (vaccine) contract null and void, meaning that Pfizer will become responsible for all vaccine injuries.” Some not so good news, “A fence has gone back up around the Capitol Building ahead of Biden’s state of the union address on Tuesday night.” That’s how much the people love Joey, they have to put a fence around the people’s house in case anyone objects to the guy that won an election with more votes than Obama in 2012.

Over at the image board that I visit sometimes, someone is arguing that “Concert Pitch” (432 Hz) is better than standard tuning (440 Hz) A quick c/p to explain

  • Single notes produced by the combination of the starting pitch of A=432 Hz and scientific tuning have a “nice” harmonic quality (as can be seen using “cymatics experiments” that convert sound waves into visuals), but as a trade-off some chords and scales produce disharmony (“wolf harmonies“).
  • Meanwhile, the combination of A=440 Hz and concert tuning results in a more disharmonic quality for single notes, but as a trade-off all chords and scales sound rather harmonic (which is useful for concerts, composers, and consistency). Here’s the reference.
    • http://factmyth.com/factoids/432-hz-is-better-than-440-hz/
    • I haven’t got time to investigate. Maybe someone could have a look and get back to me. Apparently Micheal Jackson’s Bad album is tuned to that reference pitch, as well as half of Thriller. I thought both of those sucked donkey balls, but I think it was mostly the singing that I disliked. That’s all for today.