I hated Twitter

but I like X. Twitter was a stupid name for a stupid platform, but since Musk renamed it, it has become a lot better. I don’t use it much though. Today I was casually checking what was new, and there’s a whole lot of stuff that the mainstream media is totally ignoring. It’s almost like X is the source of real news now. One of the first things I saw was something about climate activists attacking Christmas trees in Germany. WTF is wrong with these idiots? What did Christmas ever do to you? Is this some kind of tit for tat retaliation against the Polish MP who put out the Menora with a fire extinguisher yesterday? The Christmas tree thing was posted by an account called “End Wokeness” which btw, is followed by Elon Musk. They have 2 million followers, so a lot of people must like their content. There’s another one called “Clown World” that Musk follows as well. Their latest post is an intoxicated woman trying to repeat the alphabet to a cop. She’s not doing a good job. It’s funny, but it’s not political.

I don’t like Mondays, and I don’t like Christmas trees.

We do live in Clown World though. This morning on the Joe Van Scarborough and Minkella show, somebody was vigorously defending Joe Biden, saying that there was zero evidence that he knew anything about his son Hunter’s dealings with Ukrainian Energy company Barisma. Why, Joe is innocent of everything she told us breathlessly. It sounds like the Republicans are conducting a…gasp!..witch hunt! Now where have I heard that before?? As if that wasn’t enough, another fellow started telling us how great the economy was doing. “Bidenomics is working very well”, he said. When Joe pressed him for more details by asking a valid question like “then why are food prices still high?” , the chap told us that “the price of food was a very idiosyncratic thing, and couldn’t be explained in simple terms”. Not only that, food prices were going down now, he said, so stop believing what your own eyes tell you and listen to me. Nothing simple is ever simple when you’re lying about it. The price of everything is directly related to energy costs, and maybe even the idiot Aussie treasurer is aware of that fact. On second thought, perhaps not.

Joe flogging”renewables”. It’s a giant wank as you can see.

What did I say? Clown World. I do like to watch Morning Joe though. It’s the best comedy around. Another X account with 3 million followers is “CCTV Idiots”. This is self explanatory really. It’s kind of addictive. There is a definite “Ow My Balls” theme going on. Who needs traditional entertainment anymore? The great diaspora of planet life has more than enough value as a distraction from living in this hellscape. Why pay good money to see shitty programming peppered with offensive and demoralizing commercial propaganda where the racial demographic bears no resemblance to reality?

A CCTV idiot.

Once you enter into the X world of oddball accounts like these, you start going down an increasingly narrow rabbit hole. Some examples are 1000 Ways to Die, F Around N Find Out, Insane Reality Leaks, Wild Content, etc etc. You could spend all day browsing this stuff. Many people do, I’m sure. There’s no getting away from it now. The only escape is to live in the wilderness and off the grid. I’m not doing that. I have other fish to fry. Remember, on the Internet, you’re here forever.

From a few years ago. The Slaughtermen at the Caravan Club in Melbourne.