I just drove down

the New York Throughway from Albany. The posted speed limit is 65, but everyone is doing 80. The cops don’t seem to care. I don’t know what the unofficial speed limit is. Maybe 80? In any case I, like at least half of the people on the road were driving between 70 and 80 mph. I don’t know what it is in kilometers, and I don’t care. Imperial weights and measures babe, that’s it. It’s another really quiet afternoon here, but maybe it’s because there isn’t a street party going on outside like there has been in the past. Perhaps the neighbors got jobs. It seems unlikely. I’m not gonna talk about politics, it’s boring, but I will say that the beer wars seem to be about the only place that people can voice their disapproval of the current regime without getting arrested for being domestic terrorists. The Bud Light thing, in my opinion is more than what it seems, that’s all I’m going to say. MSNBC has literally just come out and said that it is akin to domestic terrorism. Are they going to arrest everyone and force them to buy cases of Bud Light now? Seriously?

My GPS calls it the Throwth-way with a “wow” sound.

I have been watching the TV news a bit. Nothing new there. At times (most of the time) it’s like visiting an insane asylum and seeing profoundly mentally disturbed people arguing among themselves about who is the real Napoleon vs who is the real Jesus Christ. I have to switch it off because if I stay too long I feel like I’m going insane as well. I started listening to some Beatles music on the way down the throughway. Before I left I downloaded a copy of (what I thought was) the Revolver album. It literally says “The Beatles- Revolver Full Album”. The Beatles it ain’t. Some CUNT has gone and recorded their own cover version of this entire fucking album, and is trying to pass it off as the Beatles. I looked at this idiot’s Youtube channel and this fool has recorded his fake version of Abbey Road and also a “best of the Beatles. What the fuck dude? They are accurate copies, but it’s not the fucking Beatles. Stolen Valor you asshole.

Idi Amin earned all of these legit, no cap.

Gute Musik? It’s theft. IT’S NOT THE BEATLES. STOP SAYING IT IS. These fake Beatles albums have racked up about 100 k views all up. This crook is maybe even monetizing it. Fuck, I hate cover bands as well. At this point in time, half the people listening to this wouldn’t even know the difference either. Like everything else in the 60’s, civilization, music, an homogeneous society etc etc.. these things are fading away into fake history.

So annoying. There are a lot of annoying things, but then there are many things that aren’t annoying. Having a good time, in spite of the madness of the progressive world is one of them. As crazy ideas crumble into dust, it becomes entertaining more than anything else. Get some popcorn and watch the show. I don’t like popcorn much though. I hate the little hard bits, I’d rather indulge in something else. Fuck, it’s a nice day.