I just made

more marmalade. I love making marmalade, I love eating marmalade. It’s so easy to make. Oranges, lemons, water and sugar. I could make marmalade all day.

‘Robert De Niro, whose acting talents have greatly diminished, with his reputation now shot, must even use a teleprompter for his foul and disgusting language, so disrespectful to our Country’. I’m quoting Trump, which has nothing to do with marmalade, but I had to segue into something else. De Niro, on the other hand told Rolling Stone in an exclusive interview released today that his No.1 priority is getting rid of Donald Trump. He said ‘If you look at other totalitarian countries like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, it will affect everybody in ways you can’t even imagine.’ Again Trump is Hitler. I can’t help thinking THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. It’s hilarious. Kayne West, a guy who told everyone he loves Hitler is selling his beachfront Malibu mansion for $53 million which is $4 million less than its original purchase price. He attempted to transform it into a bomb shelter, but having walked down there and seen that these houses are almost standing in the water, it seems like a completely retarded idea.

It’s a bargain at $53m

The pictures of this house reveals it as a gigantic concrete shell without windows and doors. It’s jammed right up next to the neighbors on both sides. You would have to love the sound of waves crashing on the shore without end, to want to live there. It’s horrible. Taylor Swift has reportedly purchased a mansion in London for £10 million. What is with these chicks who want to live in England? Madonna had a go at it, and gave up. Taylor will do the same. When she realizes storybook England of the 1950’s is completely gone she will scurry back to the US and never return. It’s a fantasy alternate universe for these people. I’m just looking at the news this morning because I’m too lazy to think for myself. It’s content, and that’s what’s required here. I’m content with it.

A conservative policy group has filed an ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson for “willfully” omitting required income disclosures for years while serving on the federal bench. That’s not right. Will she be disqualified now? Probably not. If Trump had done this, he’d be in jail though.

Trump is Hitler..Bobby…you too?

From the Daily Mail we have a story that “a newly-uncovered trove of documents detailing plans to create a Covid-like virus in China months before the pandemic make the ‘lab leak almost certain’, experts say.The records – obtained now by FOIA requests – lay out a plan to ‘engineer spike proteins’ to infect human cells that would then be ‘inserted into SARS-Covid backbones’ at the infamous Wuhan virology lab from December 2018.” No shit. “The proposal was made by the now-notorious EcoHealth Alliance, a New York nonprofit that channels US government grants abroad to fund these types of experiments.” EcoHealth Alliance’s funding comes mostly from U.S. federal agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Agency for International Development. Between 2011 and 2020, its annual budget fluctuated between US$9 and US$15 million per year.”

As Ronald Reagan famously said in 1986 “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”