I was so distracted on

Saturday, that I forgot to update my daily journal. It was only nudes anyway, so i didn’t matter too much. When I say only nudes, I don’t mean they’re unimportant, it’s just that during the week I’m sharing my thoughts, which is almost as important as pictures of naked women. What I am trying to say? Nothing. It’s gibberish. Like the people who constantly talk about “covid” like it’s real. “Oh, I was flat on my back with the worst case of covid last week.” It’s the jab, you idiot. Only the vaccinated are getting covid, and they are walking petri dishes of toxic spike proteins, shedding them everywhere they go. The vaccine zombies are all a bunch of Typhoid Mary’s now, spreading illness and immunity suppression wherever they lurk. It’s exactly the opposite of what they said would happen. They are the disease vectors now. I hope they’re happy.

On the weekend the fake Pope cancelled a Bishop in Texas because he was too “backward” in his thinking. Globohomo has everything and everybody by the throat now, and if you don’t comply, they’ll get rid of you. I knew Francis was dodgy when he started talking about climate change. He’s basically a well heeled communist, like all of them. If he’s read the Bible, he skipped over a lot of it, because he does and says things that are contrary to what it says you should do. I don’t like organized religion much. It’s not for me, but there seems to be some kind of a revival going on at the moment. It’s fundamentalist everything, and not just Christianity.

It’s been a quiet weekend. I haven’t been out anywhere to speak of. Christmas seems to be hurtling towards us at speed. The year has gone quickly. The summer was crap and the winter has been mild so far.

I’m not here to talk about the weather though. This morning I watched a couple of minutes of CNN and MSNBC’s Morning Joe. I’m here to tell you they’ve gone even more insane than they were the last time I took a look. Full blown Trump derangement syndrome. CNN brought on Brian Stelter who they fired a while ago, to promote his new book, “Network of Lies“. The idea that any of these people tell the truth about anything seems far fetched, but there it was. “Fox News lies about everything…blah blah blah. ” Hey Brian, THEY ALL DO. YOU ARE ONE OF THE WORST OFFENDERS. I would love to see how many copies of this book of lies actually get sold. We’ll never find out though, the system is rigged to hell. The Old York Times will probably say it’s a best seller.

Hi, I’m Brian. You can trust me.

Everyone at Morning Joe on MSNBC seems off their meds. They were all outraged that Trump was joking about Nancy Pelosi’s husband being attacked at his home. On the weekend Trump said that Nancy has a big wall around her house, but obviously it didn’t work this time. Morning Joe thought it was terrible that Trump was making fun of an 80 year old man being viciously beaten in his own home, and even brought a “conservative commentator” on to tell us how awful it was. All of a sudden there was a view of Joe’s entire morning panel. The screen was filled with boxes with people in them. It was like looking at a deranged version of “Celebrity Squares”. Invasion of the Body Snatchers came to mind. It was scary and freaky man.

Joe Scarborough literally doesn’t know the difference between the words “tack” and “tact.”

Nothing has changed with the Bolshevik media. The gaslighting is still going on, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Even if Trump wins the presidency, which as the polls are showing he will, the same nonsense will be coming from them. They’re evangelists of lies, and disinformation, but people watch it and believe. I know who they are by the responses that I get from friends I know who repeat this stuff back to me like it was an original thought in their own head. It’s funny occasionally to drop in and observe this parallel universe of insanity propped up by maniacs who are prepared to burn the house down and everyone in it, if it means stopping Donald Trump from becoming president.

They’re getting worried. We won’t have any more wars, gas prices will be low, energy will be affordable. Mentally ill people won’t be able to influence children and mutilate them. The list goes on and on… That things are so much better now under Biden is the height of absurdity. Nobody is buying this garbage narrative. What is the end game of all of this? Who does it benefit? These are the questions everyone should be asking.

Ordinary Girl – The Armchairs. Makes more sense than 500 hours of CNN ever could.