I was thinking

about what Billy Bragg had said the other day on that stupid Q&A show, when he told everyone that government welfare had financed his career. It’s Thursday. The fact is that government welfare financed the beginnings of the Slaughtermen too. In the early 80’s I had been given a job on a local history project called the Living Museum of the West. This was glorified dole job which involved going around Melbourne’s Western suburbs with cameras and tape recorders and talking to old people about the industrial history of that area. Since my family were from Footscray, I scored a job on the program. The pay was ok and it was interesting. At some point it became clear to me that nobody really cared what anyone was actually doing. I remember a heated discussion one day about the quality of the office chairs we had been given and how we needed to go out and buy new ones. It was that kind of place. Today it would be a home for mentally ill gender confused people, and individuals from Ethiopia or somewhere in Africa, who now make up a very large demographic of the place. They’d be whispering stories of oppression and struggle into the welcoming ears of inclusive and diversity libshits all over the length and breadth of Victoria and elsewhere. Nevertheless, it came into my head while I worked there that I could probably finance some of my musical goals via this boondoggle.

“Footscray station 1950’s” said the caption. The website it came from? Pinterest. Let’s just leave it at that..

I don’t exactly know how it came to pass, but I managed to get some money from the museum to make a recording. I have a suspicion that the Museum director, a nice British lady named Alwyn could have even suggested that they pay for it. It seems outrageous now, but I think this is in fact, what happened. How this was justified I have no idea. I think she took a shine to me, but anyway that’s how the Slaughtermen’s first single, Jesus Saves White Trash came into existence. It was paid for by the Victorian government. One day Australia’s first female premier, Joan Kirner came by to check on what was happening. I don’t remember what she said apart from a, “this is interesting, keep up the good work” , type of thing. I do remember that on her departure she gave us all a literal nod and a wink. Keep up the good work, whatever it is. We’ll keep paying the bills, and we don’t care what you do with the money. It was a hand out pure and simple. That’s how socialism works. The government hands out money for useless programs to their constituents, and they don’t really care what happens to it, as long as there is an appearance that they’re doing something for the community. Not always, but often.

The late, great Joanie K. I didn’t realize until now that with that face, she could be WC Fields sister.

Later on in the year I went to the US. I didn’t expect to get paid, because I’d only worked there for about four months, but I still got my full salary, no questions asked. One of the guys there who claimed he was an expert at photography, went to the UK for a weekend! The museum probably paid for that. The last time I checked a couple of years ago, he was the sole remaining employee of what was the left of the Living Museum. That means he’s been in the same job now for over 40 years. He’s been getting that sweet hand-out for quite a while now.

Yesterday morning the domestic terrorists at the ABC started telling everyone about the coming “energy crisis”. Everyone’s energy bills were about to go up just as the winter starts to approach. They were all going up by 15 to 20%, and in Melbourne it was going to be 30%. I thought to myself, “gee that sounds familiar”, because it was. It was a carbon copy of what I’d been seeing in the UK all this year, even down to the percentage rise. Why, why I wondered why this was happening in a place that was far removed from the UK, didn’t rely on gas from Europe, and had effectively shut down most traditional energy sources other than their precious and pointless ‘renewables”? ¿Por qué?

I sat through five minutes of “how terrible it was gong to be”, and finally someone blurted out the reason. Yep, you guessed it, “muh war in Ukraine” and the “aging coal plants” that keep breaking down. Of course this is utter putrid bullshit and nonsense, but this is how the ABC gas lights everyone now. Ukraine isn’t any where near Australia, and they don’t get gas from Russia. It’s on the other side of the planet for fuck’s sake.The coal fired power plants are purposely being run down because progressives hate coal. It’s “muh climate change” you see. Since there is no such thing as man made climate change this wanton neglect is bordering on criminal at this point.

Exterminate – you.

Meanwhile China and India, not subject to any UN Paris agreements or penalties because there are ‘developing countries’, are burning coal like there’s no tomorrow. These clowns on the TV sit there, spew this utter rubbish and expect people to believe it. Whoever is putting the prices up for electricity in places like Australia are merely globalist profiteers at this point. The Australian government, just as happened in the UK, will probably step in and hand out cash to struggling families to pay the energy bills. It’s not their money, why the fuck should they care? Australia, with it’s huge untapped reserves of coal, gas and oil, should be energy independent.

Remember when everyone had to stay at home during the fake pandemic? What did the government do? They paid people to stay at home, that’s what they did. Isn’t this starting to sound a little bit familiar? Let’s stage a fake crisis, (covid, the war, climate change) and then loot the treasury to pay everyone for the cost of living rises that we’ve artificially engineered. It’s globalism at it’s most destructive, and the United Nations is driving a lot of it.

Someone is also making a lot of money from this. It would be interesting to follow that money in this case, because I believe that’s where the problem lies. Let’s have some intrepid and plucky journalist do some research on which companies have made windfall profits from these ‘crises’ over the last four years. Especially who owns these companies. That would be fascinating reading. Who’s going to be the adult in the room here? Or are we just going to stand around helplessly and watch the ignorant and stupid children burn it all to the ground?