I went

out this morning, January 25, and it was snowing. By the time I got back from Sam’s club it had stopped. It’s supposed to start again after 1 pm, but then the next few days are in the 40’s so maybe it will all melt. I hope so. I hate plowing, shoveling, and moving snow in general. If I didn’t have to engage in that, this place would be fine. Over at Sam’s club, people were loading up their carts with all manner of processed garbage. They do make good croissants though, better than BJs. What could possibly be better than BJ’s? That’s a joke that was begging to be told. The answer is nothing… What do you want from me? It’s the middle of the week, and it’s about to fucking snow. I watched some TV this morning. The BBC was ramping up the war propaganda as much as it could. The fool who runs Germany has somehow been strong armed by someone to send Leopard Tanks to the grifters over in Ukraine. For about five minutes we heard ‘experts’ talking about how this could ‘potentially change the war, and Ukraine might win”. Accompanying this nonsense was video of these tanks, tearing through the landscape at top speed, drifting in the snow, and doing all kinds of cool maneuvers clad in the latest fashionable camo tops. It looked like an expensive commercial for these things. They could have shown them killing people by rendering them into pizza toppings, which is what their real purpose is, but they didn’t.

This war propaganda was so egregious that even the host at one point asked one of the experts in a tired voice, how many more tanks are they going to ask for when these get blown to bits by Russia? When the useful lackeys in the media are questioning it, you know it’s gone too far. The majority of people on the planet sit helplessly watching this shit show, and nobody can do anything about it. Something is wrong here. Who is behind this? They need to stop. It’s fucking annoying to have to sit and see this every day. Billions and billions are going into this stupid conflict, and NOBODY WANTS IT.

Spring will be here soon. Yeah. When the spring planting stuff appears at Ocean State, that’s when we can start thinking about it. I almost went there as well this morning but I couldn’t be bothered. There could be hoses, rakes and seeds there already for all I know.

Scientists have discovered that wind power on Mars can be used to sustain human habitats. I can’t wait. Since it’s fairly useless here on earth, they must have a lot more wind on Mars. Maybe Mars has something else they can burn to power civilization there? This is c/p from this article in Vice Magazine which I’m reproducing here for comedy value only, “Scientists have generally written off wind power as a key energy source for Mars missions, compared to solar and nuclear power, because Martian winds are extremely weak. Now, a team led by Victoria Hartwick, a postdoctoral fellow at NASA Ames Research Center, has used global climate models of Mars to show that, contrary to past assumptions, “wind power represents a stable, sustained energy resource across large portions of the Mars surface,” according to the study.”

So the winds on Mars are weak, yet according to the same climate models that are regularly used here to predict events that are based on things that literally don’t exist, wind farms are going to be the primary energy source in a place where the wind ain’t so good? Oh. So the article goes on to say, ““We find that wind speeds at some proposed landing sites are sufficiently fast to provide a stand-alone or complementary energy source to solar or nuclear power.” I see… it’s an adjunct to solar and nuclear. I’ve got a better idea. Why not put those solar panels on Venus which is much closer to the sun, and stretch a giant power cord to Mars? Works for me. This planet is so retarded, yet people are wanting to colonize Mars? With all the money that has been wasted on wars, we could have set up several casinos on Mars by now. Think of the cash flow from that.