insane in the membrane

It’s Wednesday, January 18. What are they smoking over there at the World Economic Forum in Davos? It must be good shit, because none of what I saw this morning makes any sense in this universe, or any other, for that matter. There I was, half asleep in the chair having my tea and toast, and all of a sudden the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz was there on TV, standing at a podium on this huge stage talking about Germany’s future. Right in the middle (Olaf was off to the side) was Klaus Schwab, the founder of this crazy forum, sitting on what could have been a throne, but there were two what appeared to be very expensive white leather chairs. A modern day throne, perhaps. This, in and of itself was a bizarre enough vision, but when Scholz opened his mouth is when the real black comedy began.

As Schwab lounged indolently on his throne, Germany’s leader began outlining how Germany was going to systematically destroy itself because “that’s the only way we can save the planet from the global warming.” No more heavy industry, the backbone of the economy. More ‘renewables’ , which begs the question, why do you need any more energy if you won’t be making aluminum and steel, building cars and manufacturing anything that requires oil, coal or gas? I’m not making this up. Scholz wants to shut it all down, because of the precious climate. After that, he went on to say that Germany’s population needs to remain high, so of course “we must have more immigrants”. “Where else are we going to get all the doctors (which they will need) and the engineers?” (which they won’t need) Since the world’s population explosions are occurring in Africa and India, the immigrants are probably going to come from in many cases uneducated and backward third world regions. What could go wrong? Africa and India are full of highly qualified engineers and doctors are they not?

When Merkel opened the floodgates to the hordes of impoverished, economic refugees from turd world shit holes many years ago, Germany and Europe as a whole (sic), was transformed into a third world hell hole mirroring the home countries of the reffos, where women aren’t safe on the streets and child rapists are given a pass because “It’s their culture, or it was a sexual emergency”. All of this is foaming at the mouth, off the charts mental illness that sane, rational people wouldn’t countenance under any circumstances, but sane rational people aren’t running entire countries any more. Madmen (and women) are. In South America they have just installed another puppet government, as they did here in 2020. These are less ‘conspiracy’ theories, and more akin to facts now. Just as the same people screaming conspiracy theories about people warning of the harmfulness of the “vaccines” have been proven to be wrong, these same theories about a one-world government will, in all probability, be proven correct in time.

Do yourself a favor and try and catch some of this Davos must-see-TV while you can. It’s a window into the dystopian hell that these psychopaths are planning. Nobody in a western country is immune from this highly infectious climate/economic crisis. It’s all planned. The pieces are in place. The fake pandemic instilled fear and shut down the economy, and demonstrated how compliant people would be. Nothing was off the table. You could make people walk the plank into the ocean if you told them it would keep them safe from this deadly disease with a 99.9% survival rate. That’s what they did. The sheeple willingly took untested experimental gene therapy, and with the help of the media, shut down all opposing points of view. “Sudden unexplained death’ is now the leading cause of ah… “Sudden Death Syndrome”.

The rest of the plan will be a walk in the park. Tell everyone that we’re now in a climate emergency, and we have to shut down civilization in order to save the planet. People will do it. They’ve demonstrated they’ll do anything the government tells them to do. It’s going to be easy. I could go on all day about this, and how the Russia/Ukraine conflict is also part of the plan, but you get the picture. Nothing is certain any more other than the fact that there are mad people in the world, who for what ever reason, are hell bent on destroying life itself. We don’t have a climate crisis we have a pandemic of the mentally ill, and they’re holding the reigns of power at the moment. Do yourself a favor and try and watch some of the Davos speeches. It’s much better than Monster Chiller Horror Theater, but unfortunately it’s real.

I found an old live recording of one of my pre Slaughtermen bands, the Armchairs. I put it together with some video that we shot one night years ago when we all had nothing better to do.