It’s a crazy world

of that there is no doubt. Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch it burn to the ground. There’s not a lot I can do to change anything. Believe me, if I was having any impact here, I would be shut down before you could say “misinformation”. There’s a lot of text here, and I apologize, but I’ll put some pictures in between the paragraphs to make it more palatable.

I was reading an article yesterday about a study that the University of Canberra had just released. It’s called “COVID-19: Australian news and misinformation longitudinal study”. You can download the PDF on this page here. The study could have been compiled by someone in North Korea, although I suspect North Korea isn’t the dystopian hell that we have been told it is, but you get the picture. I got this from another article that was on either or I can’t find the original story, but essentially this was tied into new legislation that the Australian government will introduce this year “to combat harmful disinformation and misinformation online. The legislation will provide the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) with new regulatory powers to hold big tech companies to account for harmful content on their platforms.” link here

Aussie govt misinformation compliance officer.

This is just what everyone needs of course, more stifling of alternative views. Who gets to decide what’s mis or disinformation? That’s the real question. Looking at the official govt press release it says, “A Misinformation and Disinformation Action Group will be established, bringing together *key stakeholders across government and the private sector to collaborate and share information on emerging issues and best practice responses.” Are we in Boshevik Russia now? I’m confused.

If that doesn’t result in a chill running through your bones, then you’ve effectively been processed, and you can go back to sleep. The well poisoning and gas lighting by the government/media complex that has been going on for the past 4 years is off the charts, and now it’s about to get worse. Google has just announced that it is partnering with fellow globalists at the World Health Organization and the United Nations to seize control of the online flow of information and push their hand-selected viewpoints to the very top of the Google search engine while suppressing independent  voices.

The Google staff take their weekly meeting.

Big Brother is not only watching you, but is controlling everything you think. Google’s algorithm will work to “delete websites” that question or criticize the COVID-19 narrative, international banking, FBI crime statistics, and globalism. How they’re going to delete websites is beyond me, but I’m assuming it means that a website such as this won’t show up in a Google search, if it is deemed to be misinformation. It’s my personal opinion man, but maybe in future nobody will be able to have a personal opinion, who knows?

That this is all monumentally fucked up is an understatement, but millions of people either don’t know, or don’t give a fuck. They’re happy to swallow monumental amounts of bullshit that the media feeds them. They will voluntarily choke to death on what they believe on MSBC, CNN, the BBC, ABC, etc etc, told them. The “trusted news sources” have proven over and over that they cannot be trusted. The fake covid pandemic showed us that. Healthy athletes, young people, and all manner of sudden deaths are now occurring on a daily basis. This is what the people who were accused of “misinformation” told us would happen.

The mainstream media ignores it as best they can, and part of the reason that they want complete control, is that if people find out about the bullshit about the safe and effective vaccines, stolen elections, and things that expose them as the liars that they are, they might not be so compliant any more. Globalism requires a docile, obedient global population. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, there’s no putting it back in.

Stop trusting mainstream news and getting your information from mainstream media websites. They are literally the home of misinformation. THEIR BUSINESS IS TO MANUFACTURE LIES TO KEEP YOU STUPID.

Don’t do it.

*You can bet that the “key stakeholders” aren’t the general public. The cattle must be kept in the dark at all times.

Sometimes I wish some people were here with me mentally.