It’s a shit show

out there today. With only three shopping days until Christmas, people are madly rushing hither and thither, trying to get everything done before Monday. For the record, I haven’t bought anyone anything. I bought myself a lottery ticket in the $620 million Powerball. I wonder if anyone is using AI to predict the numbers? I suspect so. I would, if I knew how. Speaking of treasure, the Colombian government said Thursday it will try to raise objects from the 1708 shipwreck of the galleon San Jose, which is believed to contain a cargo worth billions of dollars.

Ancient Bitcoin

The 300-year-old wreck, often called the “holy grail of shipwrecks,” has been controversial, because it is both an archaeological and economic treasure. The ship is believed to hold 11 million gold and silver coins, emeralds and other precious cargo from Spanish-controlled colonies, which could be worth billions of dollars if ever recovered. The ship was found in the 1980s by an American company. They were sued by the Colombian government in multiple courts until finally the government passed a law declaring all lost treasures belong to Columbia.

10 million Tiktok followers. Still smarter than everyone at MSNBC

Obviously next time, if you can keep it a secret, don’t tell anyone. Ah, there’s nothing going on that wasn’t going on yesterday or last week. It’s all boring. It’s officially the shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice is today, and heralds the start of winter. I don’t think we’re getting a white Christmas this year, but it’s not until Monday. It could still happen.

I have updated this journal now, because I just saw a story from the Irish Times, “Americans are sleepwalking into a dictatorship. Why aren’t they more afraid?” Here we go again with that Hitler stuff…The opinion piece was written by Lara Marlowe who appears to have no tangible grip on reality, and it is full of insane quotes like this one, “There is no point in pretending that a man who believes that any election he loses is rigged, that the judicial system is rotten and corrupt, and that his political enemies belong in jail, is a believer in democracy,” said Edward Luce in the Financial Times. Someone hasn’t taken their meds I think. Did grandpa get loose again? Completely crazy statements such as these belong in lunatic asylum, not in a ‘respected’ newspaper. Some of these jokers are beyond delusional and need serious help. Read it yourself . The opposite of almost everything in this opinion piece is demonstrably true. Ask the Father of Lies which way is up, and you’ll get this nonsense. If they weren’t serious it would be funny.

Last night I watched a quiz show featuring some “Tiktok Influencers”. These people all had multiple millions of followers, yet they were some of the most ignorant and plainly stupid people I’ve ever seen. It was clear that the host had contempt for them. I did as well. They could barely succeed in their chosen topics. When the host eventually introduced the topic he had chosen for them (Rocket Science) it was obvious what his opinion of them really was. They hadn’t a clue about any of it. None of them even knew who Bob Hawke was. The stupidity in that TV studio was as deep as the Mariana Trench.


I have not much to say today, although I updated the Irish Times bit. I could try and think of something but I can’t be bothered. I’m exhausted, and I need another vacation. I haven’t done anything, but I have things to do. I hope everyone has a great Christmas. Everyone else who doesn’t celebrate it can just keep doing what they do I suppose. Christmas is a time when we sometimes overindulge in food and drink. In the northern hemisphere it’s not so bad eating plum puddings and roast this and that, but in Australia where it’s the middle of summer, all that heavy food doesn’t seem right. Don’t let that stop you from eating. So what if you put on a few pounds anyway? It’s quite normal to be fat now. Healthy at any size, right? Enjoy your Christmas lunch, have two.