It’s a Turkiye

Monday Feb 13. These days, over at the Australian Broadcasting Commission, there seems to be an acceleration and celebration of mental illness. On the weekend, I watched a few episodes of the show about ‘people on the spectrum’ looking for love. They had a similar series last year which followed people with downs syndrome and other disabilities (if you’re allowed to call them that) as they sought love outside of their comfort zones. There was never any follow up on whether or not any of these pairings had any lasting success, but that’s not the point anyway. They’re just part of a freak show to be looked and laughed at like exhibits in a circus, or at least they seem to be. This time around they have added a *’transsexual’ to spice up the proceedings. Does this mean that transsexuals are in the same category as people on the spectrum? It’s a curious development. The ‘person’ is question is a farmer who in a previous life was married with children. Now this fellow has come out in all his/her glory as a lady. As far as I could see, nothing has changed other than this bloke has put on a dress and some fake boobs. He/she is glammed up with pink hair, nail polish and lipstick, but to me it still looks like an aging, ordinary looking bloke in a dress.

“Dianne” insists that it is ‘transgender’ now, for what ever reason, having taken hormones to make it happen quicker. I’m not convinced. The current progressive wisdom is that nobody should dare to be critical of what is essentially in my opinion, mental illness, but since this is my opinion I’m going to tell it how I see it. I think this bloke (and it is a bloke in a dress, there is simply zero femininity on display here) is just a plain old transvestite who has been convinced by some psychopath in the mental health industry that he is ‘transsexual’. I looked up the word transvestite on an internet search engine (I think it was Bing) for clarity and what I got was this..”Both the terms cross-dresser and transvestite can be considered offensive, so avoid using them unless an individual has specifically requested to be referred to using one of these words.” Oops, I’ve already “crossed” (pardon the pun) the line here. No explanation of what either of these things mean, just a big red stop sign telling you not go even go there. So you may never criticize or even question any of this any more. Transsexuals/genders, Cross dressers, Transvestites etc, etc. are sacred and holy now, and to question any of it is ‘badthink’.

Fuck these people. They’re not going to tell me how to think. It’s a bloke in a dress as far as I’m concerned, and nothing and nobody is going to change my mind. There was a dude who walked around Mosman in a dress when I lived there. I called him ‘Glen or Glenda’, after the movie. I don’t give a flying fuck either way what people do in terms of their public appearance, but I won’t be poisoned into accepting mental disorders as normal.

As a domestic terrorist organization that it seems to be, the ABC marches on tyrannically anyway, regardless of what, sane, rational people think. In their latest iteration of stupidity they are now calling the country known as Turkey, ‘Turkiye’. I imagine it’s the way Turks spell it, but since for fucking ever, ‘Turkey’ has been Turkey on every English speaking map, billboard, travel brochure, and encyclopedia without anyone calling it into dispute. The stupid newsreader even pronounced it Turkiye. Even the terminally retarded BBC hasn’t stooped that low. (yet)

It’s the same mentality as when the fake war in Ukraine started. Overnight the politically correct spelling of Kiev became Kiyv. If you were saying Kiev, which had served us well for simply ever, you were officially on the side of Russia. The correct spelling was now Kyiv, and you were unpersonned if you didn’t comply. The re-spelling of Turkiye I suspect is just another anti-white, anti west, anti English language and culture attempt to degrade and demoralize. It’s the re-naming things bullshit for the coming globo homo new world order. Build it back better. It’s fine already, you cunts. I you’re gonna be consistent, start spelling Russia, Россия and pronouncing it “Rahssiya”. Idiots. They can watch this video below for the correct pronunciation.

Unless you comply by re-engineering your logical brain to accept the absurd and unscientific notion that, for example, gender is a concept rather than a scientific truth, you are a bad person. This is fundamentally destructive to people’s psyche (literally in Greek = the soul) and it’s designed to be deliberately so. If these demons can force you to go against your god given intelligence, and accept this madness as normal, then they have won. They now control your every thoughts. You have become an automaton, you have no free will any more. Your spirit has left you, you have become insane too.

Forcing people to call a mentally disturbed man in dress, a woman, and then punishing people for ‘misgendering’ them is imho, criminality of the highest order. There isn’t a hell hot enough for the un humans who are pushing this soul destroying nonsense. They’ll fail of course, because Nature, as always, will have the final say.

  • * uh oh, more ‘Badthink” – Keep in mind that being transgender is not the same as being ‘transsexual’. Transsexual is an older term used to describe people who have taken or want to take medical steps to permanently change their physical sex. Some transgender people may use hormones and even have surgery, but not all do. Many trans people find this term offensive, but some are okay with it and use it to describe themselves, so always ask before referring to a trans person as “transsexual”from “How to Know If You Are Transgender”
  • It’s all so tiresome

You can watch the entire movie Glen or Glenda online, but here’s the trailer…sizzling!