It’s a winter wonderland

here today. On days like this it’s hard to do anything other than look at it from behind glass. It’s an aesthetic dusting. It’s not that I’m going skiiing or anything anyway. I’m watching one of my favorite satellite TV channels, South Sudan TV. There is some kind of military event. It looks like the new recruits from the Army have all gathered together in a field somewhere to show off their skills in front of a large crowd. Currently there is a tug of war going between the regular soldiers and the new recruits. The regular army is winning. Prior to that we saw the new guys jumping through rings of fire and doing pushups over a burning rope. It’s top quality entertainment. It sure beats Morning Joe’s TDS merry go round on MSNBC. Stupidly, I started watching it yesterday morning, and now I think I’m hooked.

Jack and Rexella at least changed the topic sometimes. Not here.

The Comedy channel cannot possibly compete with this. It’s cray cray land. Trump is all they talk about. It may as well be the Donald Trump show. If you want to know what Trump is doing, it’s the best place to find out. Of course you’ll have a hard time having a sensible conversation with anyone who believes any of what they’re telling you is true, but that’s the price you pay for a laugh. I know there are people who take Joe’s word as gospel, that’s never gonna change. They also seem sure Trump will be elected next year, so I guess the comedy could go on for years. I almost think Joe is being told to try and help with Trump’s re-election because the ratings will be off the charts for the next five years. Under Biden, nobody is watching. This morning, Morning Joe said that Trump had a stale act, or words to that effect. “He’s like Elvis 77”, pontificated Joe. I’d take that as a compliment.

Elvis is Trump, Trump is Elvis

Joe and Mika, on the other hand, are like Jack and Rexella, feverishly proclaiming the end of the world with newspaper cuttings as “evidence”. The fact that they are screen shots of newspapers means it’s the same thing essentially. When Joe gets on a rant, everyone has to shut up. Mika sits there clutching a coffee mug with a frozen expression, (it could be botox) and the rest of the panel has to remain mute until Joe has finished whatever half baked point he was trying to make. This morning he seemed to get lost somewhere mid rant and one of his yes men had to jump in and rescue him.

Rexella and Jack Van Impe “the walking Bible”. Jack went to be with Jesus in 2020

I don’t advocate TV watching at all, but if you really have to, and you need some laugh out loud comedy in your life, Morning Joe on MSNBC is your show. Over on South Sudan TV some military dude is giving a pep talk/speech. He’s becoming quite animated. They’re flying Palestinian flags, so I imagine this might be a demonstration of solidarity in some way. I have no idea what he is saying though. I switched to the Trinity Broadcast Network, and John Hagee is on talking about women using “witchcraft” to manipulate their husbands. “America is just as sin sick as Sodom and Gomorra.” Tell us something we don’t know dude. Bring back Jack Van Impe.

Satellite TV has got it all, and it’s free. If I had the money I would have my own satellite channel. One day…

Last week to watch the 2023 Halloween Special. This Saturday it will be gone.