It’s another snowstorm

I’m afraid. Well I’m not afraid, I’m annoyed. I don’t like it. I should be grateful I’m not a Palestinian being genocided by Netanyahoo in real time, while nobody does a damn thing about it. Oh, they all think it’s terrible, but it’s mostly window dressing. Nobody does a fucking thing. You have to ask yourself who runs this fucking planet? I’m beginning to notice. It’s not something I’m supposed to do, I know. On Sunday I wasn’t the only person noticing something odd about the Stupid Bowl either. A lot of people thought it was staged too. Let’s look at what’s happened in the last few years. First of all the NFL got a bad case of wokeness.

“Lest we forget”

Remember all the “taking a knee” nonsense? It’s disappeared now, but a lot of people stopped watching football as a result of it. How can we get people watching again? What about a love story? Yes, we can get women to watch then. How about we get the biggest female music star in the world to have a romance with a player in one of the top teams? What about if we have them appear together at the superbowl in a loving embrace, when our hero’s team steps up to the podium to accept all the glory? Yes, it’s a capital idea, will people believe it’s organic and not staged though?

Taylor Swift and her Swift…er, Homies

People believed that they needed experimental gene therapy to cure a common cold that had a 99% survival rate. Of course they will. Are you fucking retarded? The NFL had a Taylor Swift cam set up for the entire game. The whole thing was a joke. Football isn’t about men running around chasing a ball anymore. It’s the plot of a Hallmark movie now. At least here in the good old USA, we still focus on men in sports. In places like Australia, women have invaded all the traditional male sports. Cricket, Football, Soccer. They’ll be wood chopping next. As soon as I’ve said it, it’s gonna happen. Fuck me… I spoke too soon…”Australia‚Äôs toughest axemen and women compete to take home the coveted Golden Axe in the Melbourne Royal Woodchop Championships.” Of course this is in bloody Melbourne. FFS.

There’s nothing left that men can do on their own anymore apart from becoming women.

Whatever man. I’m not gonna care when trannys start taking over women’s sports. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “axe wound”. They asked for this. Speaking of Transfolk, it seems that the latest crazed shooter event which occurred at a mega church in Texas was an MTF transfreak. It’s becoming common now. Maybe self identifying transpeople shouldn’t be allowed to own guns? Not that that has stopped anyone, ever.

I just got a text from my internet provider, “Hi, Winter Storm Lorraine is approaching which could cause power outages and interruptions to your service.” I texted them back, “Stop naming winter storms!” I received an immediate reply, ” How can I help you with “this thing” “that thing” or “some other thing”. Now a cop car has just cruised past the house with a loud speaker broadcasting (I’m guessing) a storm warning in Spanish. I could have sworn I was living in the English speaking United States.

There you have it. Everything is fake and gay now.

I’m gonna pull this down on Friday ..Watch it while you still can.