It’s Christmas,

yeah. Personally I’m not a fan of Xmas or New Year’s Eve festivities, but I’ve said this not too long ago. It’s an ordeal. It’s freezing fucking cold and it’s boring. What can one do? Endure it until it’s over. Turn the heat up and work on something. There’s a live F album that I need to finish. A couple of desktop computers that need tweaking. There’s paint flaking off the ceiling because it was so humid this year that the plaster absorbed all the moisture and now that the air has completely dried out, it’s all falling off. Great. The problem is that the roof of the stairway is about 30 feet high. I have no idea how they plastered it in the first place. Lots of scaffolding I think. I’m not motivated to start putting in scaffolding. I have a slight headache and I’ve got a pain in my shoulder. That’s actually a line from a song I wrote about ten years ago at least. I still have the same aliment it seems.

Speaking of ailments, I see that good old Jimmy Barnes has just had open heart surgery. Was it a vax injury? He was very keen on getting everyone to take the fucking things. We’ll never know. I was watching a BBC documentary about Disco last night. It was in the music section of their website. I expected to find out lots of interesting information about how early disco records were made, who played on them and what studios they were recorded in etc, etc.

It was a program about gay politics, and nothing really to do with the creation of disco music. Ok, so Disco started in the gay clubs in New York in the 70’s, but that’s not what I signed up to find out. I knew that already. It was interesting until it became a show about civil rights, gay rights and feminism which was about 2 minutes in. The best part was when in 1979 Steve Dahl, a famous Shock Jock at the time, organized a huge “Disco Sucks” event at a Chicago ballgame called “Disco Demolition Night”, and they blew up a bunch of disco records, which was followed by a huge riot. That was cool.

Disco Sucks man

I don’t wanna be a grinch about it, so I’ll try not to. I’ve still got a slight headache so there’s that. A squirrel has been chewing the window frame in the adjoining room. Since I rarely open the blinds in there I hadn’t seen it for a while. These fuckers will literally eat your fucking house if you let them. I hate squirrels so much it’s unreal. This place is listed as an historic building, someone should tell the rodents that. I cut down their access trees this morning. Last night I was browsing one of the “alternative fringe” websites that millions of people visit. Sometimes they’re pretty funny. Someone has just posted this, “My wife of 8 years cheated on me with a Mall Santa and I threw all her shit out and now she’s begging me to take her back but as per our prenup, she irrevocably relinquished all her household ownings to me and I’m getting divorced by the end of January. Never trust a western woman ever. I’m going to Thailand hope you guys have a happy and safe Christmas.”

I don’t know if this is true or not, but it made me laugh. Some of the comments…”If it’s any consolation, he (santa) only cums once a year, and it’s always down the chimney.” and “I understand shitposting on Christmas eve. But, why would you post this?” Ah, Christmas Eve shitposting. I do that all year, almost without a break. What shall I do today? Having no family here and few close friends, it will probably be a day just like any other. People don’t realize that even though moving to another country permanently, isn’t anywhere near as final as it was in the 17 or 1800’s, you are still fundamentally cut off from your previous life.

Santa and Mrs Claus on drugs

Things like social media can help you keep in contact (unless you are locked out of your Faceberg account) and cellphones can make video calls, but it’s not the same as physically being there constantly. I’m not complaining at all, and I’m not sorry I left where I was. In fact I’m glad, but Xmas isn’t the same as it used to be, and it never will be. I didn’t much enjoy the family Christmasses much anyway, so it’s all good. In some kind of effort to spread Christmas cheer have recorded my own messed up version of a famous Christmas tune for the occasion. It’s in the link below. It’s all I’ve got.

Happy Christmas.