It’s Cyber Tuesday.

New deals have been added. Today there is an article in Forbes magazine that suggests that AI has almost attained singularity. In other words Artificial Intelligence is on the brink of not needing human intervention or assistance to stand in the way of it’s march towards total domination of the Universe. I think that’s what it means at least. It’s hard to tell sometimes. In point of fact this may have been achieved a long time ago and we are just living in a simulation created by an advanced AI which has erased everything that came after it and replaced it with this false reality that we are living in now. Arguably, it’s an ever increasing hellscape that no sentient being would want to occupy, but there’s no way of knowing anything if a godlike AI rules over us at this point. Somebody has said that COVID was the self replicating AI and the “vaccines” helped deliver it. The idea is that if you hack humans with gene therapy that alters their DNA they can be controlled. It’s not out of the realm of possibility as far as I’m concerned.

Oliver Stone doesn’t believe the bullshit

I don’t want to think about it now. I watched part of the Bill Maher, Oliver Stone podcast yesterday, and I have to say that without a script, Bill Maher doesn’t seem that bright. It was fascinating to watch these two having a conversation. Maher has an extremely bad case of TDS and Stone seemed reasonable most of the time. The set was a mess, the lighting was terrible, and the whole thing somehow diminished both of them. It was like watching the lights go out in the watchtowers of the Old Guard. Depressing and disorienting at the same time. At one point Bill lit up what appeared to be a joint, but they both fake puffed on it and it was quickly extinguished in an ashtray. Bill’s basement looked like an ashtray. It was a horrible mess, the whole thing.

There’s a huge discussion on a popular image board this morning about the Sphinx in Egypt. Obviously since it was originally constructed it has been altered defaced and damaged. It is believed that it once was a crouching Anubis. Anubis , is the god of funerary rites, protector of graves, and guide to the underworld, in ancient Egyptian religion, and is usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head. That would make sense given that this figure is right next to burial sites, ie the pyramids. This drawing below makes a good case I think, given that the present head is way out of proportion to the rest of it.

It looks even weirder from a distance, and nobody would construct such a thing, unless they had completely lost their sense of perspective. It’s as if someone had removed the original head and plonked on this ridiculous small new one which doesn’t match the rest of it. The Sphinx has a tail, too. It’s not visible in this picture because it’s on the other side.

I’d like to know how it got to be in the state that it’s in now, but that’s for another discussion some other time. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today, so I can’t go down that rabbit hole right now. There are other theories that the Sphinx was originally a lion, I’ve put below a link to a video which briefly explains the case for the Sphinx being Anubis. Makes sense to me anyway.