It’s Fat Tuesday,

aka Mardi Gras , Feb21. It snowed a lit bit this morning. The only way I know was that when I went to retrieve the garbage bin, the house across the road had a fine dusting on the grass. It’s all melted now. I was watching the BBC breakfast show earlier, and honestly felt like I was a participant in an Orwellian society. They were talking about ever increasing energy prices, and how the British energy bills were going up again. The insane thing about all of this, apart from the fact that because they have demonized coal and oil, which used to heat people’s houses efficiently and cheaply, is the the government is using taxpayer money to help pay these outlandish and totally unnecessary bills. Meanwhile, gas companies are making windfall profits. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The revenue of Centrica, which is the parent company of British gas, was 33 billion pounds in 2022. With an operating income of 3.3 billion, they somehow only managed to net .06 billion in profit. Something doesn’t add up here, but don’t worry, I’m sure it’s all easily explainable. Meanwhile, India can’t get enough coal fired energy. In light of this you can start to understand how suicidal and pointless the West’s Net fucking Zero horse shit is.

Over in Ukraine, somebody calling himself president Joe Biden was visiting the president of that country, and promising to donate $500 million of US taxpayer’s money on top of the multiple billions that he, (so-called president Biden) had already forked over. Ukraine doesn’t seem to be winning this ‘war’ though. By the way, nobody here was asked if they wanted tax dollars thrown at this, and a people’s referendum would most probably show that most people don’t approve of it at all. With all the money they have been given, every Ukrainian could probably vacate the entire country and go live in the south of France by now.

Oh no, the Polar Bears are dying. *

The weather would be better for a start. But this was the BBC talking about all of this complete shit. Gas prices, fake presidents and phony cost of living crises. It’s an organization with state of the art broadcasting technology, where the people in front of the camera are morons of the highest order. Useful idiot propagandists for the Orwell inspired New World Order. Speaking of morons, over at the Sydney Morning Herald there is a story about a ‘scientist’ who has found a foolproof way of protecting himself against the “deadly Covid bug”. It’s a personal air purifier. When he doesn’t have it with him, he wears an N95 mask (of course). I thought the ‘coof’ was finished. Apparently not. In another story, a new recycling facility opening in Sydney’s south-west is turning milk cartons into walls and floorboards for housing construction.

I don’t know about you, but living in a house made out of recycled milk cartons just gives me the creeps, no matter how they disguise it. Anyway, just now the mailman has delivered my new (refurbished) 8 terabyte hard drive. It seems excessive, but I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs to be stored somewhere. Videos, and music files take up a lot space. Imagine how much of this is floating around now in clouds and web servers. (which are essentially the same thing) People’s brains will be in the cloud eventually. I know because I had a dream about once. In the future, evil little shits will be hacking into them and downloading someone’s entire existence. Kids, it’s gonna be even more scary than it is now.

Happy Mardi Gras.

*a reverse image search of this picture shows it appearing at least as far back as 2015 in a National Geographic Magazine Twitter post. The fact that it’s obviously and crudely photoshopped didn’t seem to matter to them at all.

Aprops of nothing, Here’s my good friend Ledge talking about his meeting with Ricardo Montalban