It’s Friday

..and I’m not going to dwell on any end of year bullshit. This whole thing is tedious. I could literally do without Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In the past it was fun, but now it’s just something to be endured. When you’re 25, 35 even, it’s exciting. You go out with great expectations and with the idea that anything could happen. You’re looking to get laid for a start. At least I was, and if the stars are aligned right, it would sometimes happen in a nice way. When you get a bit older, and you’re committed to someone, the free wheeling Bob Dylan isn’t available to you anymore. Not that being with someone is necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a different attitude when it comes to entertainment. I’m talking about New Year’s Eve specifically. You might go to an adult party and hang out with friends, but that can’t match the excitement of a New Year’s Eve when you’re free and don’t care what happens.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’d rather not talk about it, and get it over with. (New Year) I won’t be going to any New Year’s Eve parties, and I won’t stay up until midnight either. Watching the ball drop in Times Square? Give me a break. If there was a public execution of political criminals I’d be far more interested, but as yet, there is not. 2023 will be better than this year though, I’m sure. I think we hit rock bottom, so the only way is up. Maybe the aliens will come to our rescue. Maybe they’re already here. That would explain the inexplicable insanity that’s going on everywhere. It’s not the behavior of human beings that’s for sure.

I could talk about some of my past New Year experiences, but I don’t remember a lot of them. I do remember one year meeting a Chinese girl at a venue on New Year’s Eve, I think it was the Tiger Room in Richmond, who asked me if we could drive out to the land she owned which was somewhere in Bendigo, Victoria. I think we took off just after midnight, and arrived at this somewhat, unremarkable patch of dirt just as the sun was coming up. Of course we had sex when we got there, and it was good and wholesome. (I fucked her well and hard) I never saw her again after that, but it has stuck in my mind because it was an unusual and fun thing to do, and didn’t involve getting totally wasted, and feeling like crap the next day.

Oh dear, I wish it was January already. It won’t be long. It’s quiet here today, no street sweeping. The next time I write something it will be 2023, probably Tuesday of next week. In the meantime if you haven’t already, check out the Far Out 2022 (20222?) Christmas Special. It will be gone after Jan 1st. To all my readers, have a great New Year, I hope it’s a good one (probably will be) and thank you for being here.