It’s gonna rain all week,

and yesterday I had to light a fire. It’s June FFS! It rained all day yesterday, and today I can see some blue sky for the first time in a while. I hope the weather is better where you are. At least the plants are getting a good watering. After dragging 200 feet of hose out the basement last week, I’m now going to have to drag it back in again. How exciting is all this? I don’t think it is much. I have more exciting dreams, such as last night. I dreamed I was at a party and met up with someone I used to kind of hang out with on a weekly basis some time ago. I kissed her on the mouth, and then we got separated, as these things usually go in dreams. The rest of the dream consists of frustrating convoluted attempts to find that same person, and then you wake up. I was watching Prehistoric Planet last night, a show about dinosaurs, which is a very vivid recreation of the prehistoric world. I don’t know how that relates to what I was dreaming, it doesn’t really, but it’s a good show.

Bicon Barbaridactylus …kids..

Last week I went and visited my farm friends who sell goat’s milk. I’ve been buying it from them for about 4 or 5 years now. Last year I along with a couple of other fellows helped Victor load bales of hay into his barn. There was a lot of it. I was going to go around with him in February and watch him tap the maple trees this year, but it was too cold. I’ve got a lot of sugar maples here, but I don’t think I can be bothered doing the work to harvest maple sugar anyway. I’ve canned the idea. I can buy the stuff from Ocean State for $9.99 a quart. I was looking at some maple syrup in the supermarket here last week. It was expensive. I noticed the most expensive one was labeled “organic” maple syrup. As far as I know most, if not all, Maple syrup is “organic”, given that it comes out of these huge trees that have been growing for ever. What makes this expensive stuff organic? People will buy though. How do I know this? People are stupid. While I was at the supermarket I noticed a few people walking around with face masks on. Since they have now been shown to be ineffective in the first place, how is it that some people haven’t found this out yet?

Maple syrup factory in the woods 1911

It’s weird. It’s like Japan in some parts of New England. They’re as about as effective in Japan too. The Japanese started wearing them to protect themselves from air pollution I read somewhere, but then if you go online and do a search about this you’ll find everything from women wanting to avoid being harassed, to people hiding cocaine abuse. Japan is not a western country really. We’re not the same society. I’d live there if I could, but I probably wouldn’t wear a face mask even then. Not all Japanese wear them either, but a great many do for whatever reason. I think it’s just conformity. Why anyone in Vermont needs to wear a face mask at this point is beyond me. It’s usually always middle aged women, but I’ve seen all ages and sexes wearing them still. I avoid any contact with these people because they give one the impression that they are actually unwell.

Actual pancake featured in this story.

Today’s journal is going nowhere, but I’m avoiding talking politics, so it’s just the weather now, and what I had for breakfast (tea and toast). Sunday is pancake day, so I made an apple pancake (picrel) yesterday and smothered it with cream, date syrup, maple syrup, bananas and berries. It was probably about 10,000 calories, but who’s counting? I don’t care about calories, I care about taste. The human body knows when it’s had enough to eat, so you shouldn’t have to count calories to enjoy food. This is all sending me to sleep, and it’s only just gone 9.30 am. Maybe if I go back to bed, I’ll find that girl I was looking for. I dunno, it was only a dream. It’s not like I can’t find her now, irl, but do I really want to?