It’s just after 11

It’s Tuesday, and Trump hasn’t been arrested yet. That’s not happening until this afternoon, so there’s no news in particular about any of it, other than that the details of the arraignment have been illegally leaked to Yahoo News. The whole thing is a disgusting shit show, but that’s America today. In three short years the Democrat party has sent it rapidly descending into a third world banana republic. Anyone who thinks this is normal needs their fucking head read. Meanwhile yesterday, on Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC, they’re normalizing the grooming of children and the attendant mental illness, that that entails.

NPC Chimps, defenders of the Free Press!

The National Press Club of Australia, is an organization that describes itself as a “vigorous champion of media freedom and a home away from home for journalists, decision-makers and influencers alike.” In other words it fancies itself as a protector of free speech and an enemy of “fake news”. Yesterday’s speaker was Georgie Robertson Stone OAM described in Wikipedia as an Australian actress, writer and transgender rights advocate. At the age of 10, Stone was the youngest person to receive hormone blockers in Australia, which set a precedent that eventually changed the law that compelled transgender children and their families to apply to the Family Court of Australia to access stage one treatment.

It certainly had me fooled, I thought it was a female, but then if you have been taking anti male hormone blockers since the age of ten, you’re probably going to sound like a girl. It’s also the youngest person to address the National Press Club of Australia. Georgie is the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service Ambassador, whatever that means. That’s nice, but ten year old children don’t really know what their identity is, because their brains are still developing. The parents are legally the caretakers and guardians here, so it is they who enabled it. Australia awards these brave transgender experiments medals for such groundbreaking( 0.6% of the) community work. Georgie has won a few gongs it appears. I realize that it is verboten to question any of this madness, but I’m gonna do it anyway. If everyone keeps thinking that being able to change the gender that you were born with, by taking medicine your entire life and cutting off the parts you don’t like, they need their fucking head read. If you think that this is all ok, you’re fucking mentally ill too, in my opinion.

Oh, ok then. So far it’s going great.

To sum up, the NPC, (how ironic) thinks all of this stuff is cool, and fine. Maybe they oughta check out the suicide rate for transgender people. They have a 40% chance of offing themselves compared to any other group. Maybe they should read some of the transgender regret posts on places like Reddit, where very angry, depressed and suicidal people have spoken about being conned into getting a life destroying sex change operation at a young age, and before they really had a chance to examine fully what it was going to mean for them. One fellow said he’d been lulled into a fantasy idea that he would become a perfect woman. Now every morning he wakes up to a living hell where the stump of his former penis in a cruel reminder of what was taken from him, gives him morning wood. He also said every time he takes a piss, the whole process takes ten minutes and it literally goes everywhere and soaks everything. That sounds less than ideal to me. From today.. Here’s a Twitter post that does a lot to enlighten everyone as to the cognitive dissonance going on among some of these people.

There’s much more, but some of it is so unpleasant that I’d rather watch the Passion of the Christ 20 more times, than talk about it. I’ve seen pictures of the frankenpenises that these freaks have attached to themselves. It literally looks like grotesque a hot dog growing out of their belly. I read and look at this shit so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome. Show us that NPC. Get fucking real for a change. Let’s see, Georgie is only 22, get back to us 10 years from now, and tell us how it’s going.

Actual photo – 102%? What the hell?

In other news, I looked at my old phone a while ago and it said it had a 102% charge. Since when does a phone register more than 100% charge? What the fuck is going on? The world has gone mad, I tell ya.

I Carry Your Heart – from Uncivilization 2015