It’s Thursday,

and although I’ve only been back for a week, I’m ready to go somewhere else now. I do like driving around California, well I used to anyway. I think it’s getting worse because the progressives that run it are trying to make it into an unlivable hell. One of the first things I noticed when I was back here in New York was how miserable everyone is. I went to the WallshitMart and realized that I didn’t bring my own bag. They don’t even supply “pay for” ones any more. California is the same. You might think that kvetching about bags is gay, but it’s the little things that make life bearable. It’s only a fucking plastic bag for fuck’s sake! We can’t have nice things in Democrat states because these people are idiots. The cunting supermarket is full of every single thing you can find packaged in plastic including the mother fucker Keurig one shot of coffee swill in a plastic pod, but we can’t have a useful plastic bag? This is what puts me off Califagnia. The Libshits who are ruining it. This idiotic ‘reparations’ nonsense is probably going to attract fools who think they are getting a 5 m dollar hand out. They ain’t gettin’ shit, but some will still come and will stay there to get the regular ordinary, every day hand outs. They are, with great determination, trying to destroy a beautiful place.

Japan might be a better choice to visit. Hawaii even. I’m loathe to go back to Australia at the moment. The place scares me, and it’s not the wild life. A pack of Dingoes could do a better job running the joint. I watched 70’s Bev on the ABC yesterday morning and she was talking to some broad from Mediaite, a more left wing rag you’d be hard pressed to find. They were discussing Disney’s problems in Florida. Ron De Santis is threatening to build a prison next to Disneyland, and Miss Media-ite talked at length about zoning laws and taxes and the history of the location. Anything but the real issue.

There was scant mention of the actual reason why any of this was happening, which of course involves Disney and their “grooming” aspirations, which the overwhelming majority of Floridians vehemently oppose. This is really what it’s all about. “The Walt Disney Company issued a statement promising to do everything in their power to get Florida’s HB 1557 also known as the Parental Rights in Education Act that was recently signed into law repealed or struck down by the courts.” They haven’t seen a kid they didn’t want to meddle with.

Bev and Mo never mentioned any of this, they just giggled about the prospect of a Trump/De Santis punch up.

What’s truly repugnant is that they’re using Walt Disney’s name to push this demonic stuff. I hope he cryogenically unfreezes one day and takes his once wholesome, and family friendly creation back from these wretches. Maybe Larry Page in his new role as CEO of the Matrix and digital god can work supernatural miracles and make it so. So again we’ve learned that the ABC is still fake news, nothing’s gonna change.

Fuck fuck and cunt. By the way, after Delta smashed the front off my bag and I complained about it, they sent me off to a website to get a new one on them. It’s not the same as the one I had, but I guess it’ll do. I originally paid about $100 for the one that they broke, and this new one was more than double the cost, but sometimes it’s not the price that matters. My old one looked cool. It had “Bag King” written all over it.