It’s Tuesday,

I’ve got to go somewhere, so I don’t have a lot of time to write much. I’ve started watching the morning TV shows for five minutes at a time. I got bored staring at a blank screen, so I gave in and switched it on. MSNBC’s Morning Joe is by far the winner. It’s like visiting a mental asylum, where everyone thinks they are either Jesus Christ or Napoleon. I’ve never seen so much crazy talk in my life contained in one place. All they talk about is Donald Trump and how bad he is. This morning it was that he’s becoming a dictator because he talks to Putin, and Xi and Kim in Nth Korea. Joe was shaking, he got so worked up about this. It’s must-see TV if you must watch something. That some people think they are making sense on there is the disturbing part. These are the same people that call you an ignoramus for doubting the effectiveness of covid vaccines. They are the “educated’ ones after all. College professors who laugh in your face when you suggest that Climate Change is a hoax. What would I know? I’m not ‘educated’ like they are.

Harvard. You’re just not good enough for it.

In point of fact I’m glad and grateful that I didn’t go to university and get a degree in some useless subject. I could have, but I was offered a job in television, so I didn’t pursue the ‘higher education’ thing. As a result I have a natural mind, unsullied and unpolluted. I have an intact cognitive machine undamaged by ideology and propaganda. I can think for myself and figure out what is bullshit and what is real. I’m not infallible, but I don’t have any of the signs of a crippled mental process that I see when I talk to people about things that they feel they possess the intellectual high ground on. I’m not saying higher education is a bad thing. There are practical subjects like engineering, science and others that have value. The problem is that the institutions themselves have been corrupted by the people who run them. The ivory towers are rotting from the inside out. The Ivy League universities are largely a sham today, and becoming irrelevant because of wokeness and greed. Joe Scarborough, for example has a law degree from the University of Florida College of Law, and was a visiting fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Joe was also named in the 2011 Time 100 as one of the most influential people in the world. Yet, every morning Joe and his wife host this crazy show where they spend 90% of their time attacking Donald Trump, using the flimsiest and most ridiculous arguments, and we’re supposed to think this is a valid discourse? I’ve got nothing against Joe really. I find his show extremely entertaining, I hope he keeps doing it. If this is what a higher education does for critical thinking, then something is awry.

Joe, in my opinion, is fast becoming the new Keith Olberman. Keith used to be on MSNBC with a show called “Countdown”, where he would present the news stories of the day, and pepper them with his sardonic sense of humor. He was suspended without pay in 2010 because he donated money to the Democrat party in violation of the company’s rules which required him to get approval first. Keith is college educated too. His show was not renewed the following year. Olberman now exists in a firmament of obscurity. Joe isn’t guilty of the things Keith did by any measure, as far as I know. What I’m seeing is the same feverish obsession with Trump that Olberman had with George Bush. Where is it gonna end? It’s at once entertaining and disturbing. I wish both of them all the best though. May they keep ranting and raving for all time.