I’ve been watching

bits of Eric Clapton’s 2023 Crossroads Guitar Festival. This event started in 1999 ostensibly to benefit a drug rehabiliation center that Clapton founded in Antigua. I haven’t taken much interest in it to be honest. I hadn’t taken much interest in Eric Clapton until he came out in protest at the vaccine mandates and associated madness that was forced down people’s throats with the fake pandemic of 2020 – 21. Everyone has conveniently forgotten about all of that, although now they are pushing some new ailment that you simply must get vaccinated for. My neighbor told me on Sunday that she had gotten a shot so that she wouldn’t get sick. Six days later she still feels terrible. In her words, “I don’t feel like I’m myself anymore”. It must be working then.

Anyone who’s picked up a guitar knows this cover…

Anyway, let’s not talk about that. She said her freind was feeling worse than she was. Why do people do this to themselves? I watched Eric’s unplugged (I guess it was) set the other night. He sang three songs in total. The first song was “Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out”. I don’t know why he bothered with it. (I do now…it’s one of the first songs he played when he was hanging around the folk scene as an art student) It’s a boring, corny old standard that’s been played to death. Eric only killed it further. Next up was “Layla”, played at half speed, which the crowd loved of course. Finally he sang “Tears in Heaven”, real tear jerker if there ever was one. It’s a sad song, but even thinking about this is bringing on tears of boredom. Bill Murray is the regular announcer for these things, and he seemed quite into it all. I saw a couple of other acts too. John Mayer, who is channeling someone, and someone I don’t particularly like.

Joe Bonamassa did a great version of Jeff Beck’s, “We’re Over As Lovers”, and he had John McLaughlin with him on stage. Indeed it almost sounded better than Beck himself. Bonamassa strutted around the stage in a blue suit like an uptight accountant on vacation, wielding his axe like a man possessed. It was as if he had conjured up the ghost of Jeff Beck. It was unearthly good. McLaughlin, who looked like the old guy who sells honey and wax candles at the local farmer’s market, hit a wrong note at one point . Even guitar legends make mistakes sometimes. It made me feel better anyway.

Robbie Roberston was listed to play in April, unfortuntely he died in August.

I don’t wanna talk about any of this really, I don’t care. I’m sure more than one person will cover all of this event in Rolling Stone, the New Yorker or some other astute publication. I’m waiting for a video from Sunday that I just edited, to render in the software. I’m only really interested in what I’m doing. Clapton is unlikely to ever invite me to his guitar festivus, and I don’t think I’d want to go anyway. There’s too many …guitarists. Playing guitar can be fun though. It’s a constant learning experience. I own about 15 guitars, but I probably only play one or two of them. Not one of them is worth more than $800.

Actually the Fender Jazz bass that Gary sold me is, but I hardly play it much. I’m not a bass player! It looks good hanging on the wall…I think. It’s one of those “Road Worn” editions. These are faux worn looking guitars that some people think are cool to have. It looks like you’ve been playing the thing like a seasoned pro for years, without any of the dedication, effort or sacrifice. It’s essentially “stolen valor” as applied to music. The stupid part about it is they all look exactly the same. The “wear and tear” is identical for each one. It’s a completely pointless and inane idea, but people buy this shit, even me, although I didn’t really need it. Gary sold it to me for half what he paid, I think . It was an absolute steal!

I said nyet to The War on Drugs

Render, render, render. It takes forever to make these videos, but it’s interesting putting them together. I hope everyone who reads this goes over and subscribes to my Youtube channel. I’m not making money off it, but it’s nice to see people enjoying the results what is essentially a lot of hard, tedious work cutting and splicing stuff together. Digitally of course. It’s hump day, Wednesday. The year is more than half over, but time is tyranny and manufactured like everything else on Planet Stupid. What are ya gonna do? Have fun with it. It’s not worth your non-refundable life to be miserable. I told my neighbor to stop taking anymore shots, and that she would be alright. Maybe this time she will listen to me.

Joe and John killin’ it at Crossroads 2023