I’ve got nanobots now.

I just came back from the dentist, and because I had to have some anesthesia to numb the pain, I’ve probably got nanobots floating around my bloodstream. That’s what they’re putting in everything. Stuff that you have no idea what it even is. The dentist, who is a nice guy, told me it’s in everything now. Even mouthwash. Big pharma is determined to push as much of this crap onto (into?) as many people as they can. Maybe it’s good stuff. How would anyone know? It’s not like they have a track record of being honest and transparent about anything. What can you do? Let your teeth fall out? Maybe… It’s Thursday, and I don’t want to dwell on these things. The National Weather Service says it’s going to be 87 and hazy today. It’s only 73 at 11:15 am when I’m writing this. This house stays pretty cool for a while. The walls are three layers of brick thick. Unfortunately it becomes like a brick pizza oven when it warms up over the course of a few days. I have A/C on standby, so I will use it with prejudice when that happens.

I was talking to the dentist this morning about cars outside in the parking lot, before everyone else rolled up. He drives the same model BMW as I do. It’s an X3. His is almost ten years younger than mine though. He said to me, looking at my car, “How mainstream of you”. I told him that he too, was mainstream then. He said he was fed up with the expensive maintenance and he was going to buy a Honda. I asked him if he had driven one lately and he said no. I said, maybe you should do that first. BMWs are some of the nicest cars you can drive, Hondas, I’m not so sure about. he should rent one and take it away somewhere for a week before he commits to it. All this car talk. What is this, a car blog now? I’d like to go away somewhere for a week myself. California could be nice, but it’s getting hot now. November is a good time. The time before last that I went there, it was raining a lot. The desert started to bloom. It was very nice. There’s a certain smell that comes when the Creosote (Larrea tridentata) plants get rained on. According to something I just read Jimmy Buffet immortalized the scent of Larrea in “Life is just a Tire Swing.” Maybe we can listen to it today.

I am drawn to the desert. There’s something about that lonesome wilderness that I find appealing. To drive through Death Valley and see nothing but desert in every direction is very romantic. It’s a stillness that seems eternal. The lack of humans is a part of it. You know that for centuries no civilization has despoiled that what nature has created. Only a few plants and animals that have adapted to these extreme conditions actually survive out there. I imagine Mars would have the same atmosphere, only it’s an entire planet. I’d like to think I could live, if not in the desert, but on the fringes of it at least. I should do the rent to try thing though, and see if I like it. I don’t know how that’s gonna happen at the moment. I’ve got too much stuff going on here. I need more of me. I need a clone.

I like it here when the weather’s good. It’s gone up to 75 now about ten minutes after I started writing this, but I’ve got no more to say today. We should all listen to Buffet’s song about the creosote…but because it’s not anything to do with the creosote plant at all, we won’t. I listened to it. The song starts off by saying, “I’ve never smelled the creosote plant”…Well fuck off then.. Instead I’m going to post one of my songs. I made the video in the desert. Death Valley to be exact. I look like Dr Zaius from Planet of the Apes, and I’m wearing a t-shirt that I got from the Talleyrand. Russ Meyer’s favorite diner. At some point I’m standing in front of an old wagon train that is an exhibit of the famous Borax mule trains of the last century (watch the video below this one. It’s a minute and a half long). Wish you were here. You should be.