I’ve just driven

eighty miles to a place and back, where I went there to get something and because it’s Hillbilly Central up there, there’s no fucking internet and google maps don’t fucking work when there’s no internet. I normally don’t use google cunting maps. I fucking hate google and everything to do with it. The thing I use is called IGO and it uses maps that are already in the app. It’s just that I forgot to use it this time. The default navi app in my truck is gulag for some reason. I fucking hate it so much it’s unreal. No internet and it just quits on you and doesn’t even go back to where it left off. You’re stuck with a fucking blank fucking screen. Fuck gulag. May it fail spectacularly and soon. IGO doesn’t care about being tethered to big sister, it just keeps working. I GO and F U google.

Channel 8 News with an attitude.

Apart from that fuckery, the hard drive on this desktop started failing last week and I had to install a new one today finally. This has taken most of the day, so I don’t have much to say about it, other than it’s been a pain in the ass. While I’ve been doing that I’ve been watching satellite TV. Most of it is Middle Eastern and African of origin. It’s a refreshing change from the propaganda machine that calls itself “news” in the west. I’m not saying this isn’t propaganda, ALL MEDIA IS. The political views I’ve been looking at are the opposite of what CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc etc, spew forth daily. The bonus is that I don’t speak Arabic, so I have a limited understanding of what they’re saying. I’m fine with that.

Yesterday I found the drain snake on the floor of the basement. It had shot straight down the pipe when it broke off the machine. Unfortunately there is still a long painter’s pole jammed into the drain pipe because it slipped out of my hand when I was trying to dislodge the snake, which wasn’t even in there in the first place. Fuck me. I’ll deal with it later. Right now I’m watching South Sudan TV. There is some kind of show on that looks like it was filmed on a 25 dollar handycam.

For the life of me I can’t figure out who that face is on that yellow dress.

I have zero idea of what’s going on, but the outfits are very colorful. Oh, the credits just came on and it said. “Glory to God – Based on a true story”. It’s 1 am there, so South Sudan’s version of “Rage” shouldn’t be too long coming. This, I think, is a religious channel, so it will be “Gospel Rage”, probably. There are a bunch of women singing something with a sign behind them that says, “Bitcoin Cash”. I don’t know man. The audio is atrocious. It sounds like something that you would hear on in 1998 through a broken modem on a Dialup connection. It’s as if the audio is being fed through a tremelo box in slow motion.

The crew layin’ it down.

This is what hell probably sounds like all the time. What the fuck? Make it stop already. Someone in California won the $1.7 billion Powerball lottery. I know it wasn’t me, because I wasn’t in California. When I lived there, I did get 4 numbers once. That was when there were only 5 in play. It was about a $100 prize. Now if you get 5 (because there are 6) it’s a million bucks. Yes, it looks like SSBC “Rage” is on now. It’s rockin’ man. That’s all for now now.