Just when

you thought the loons in the media couldn’t get any crazier, someone goes ahead and surprises you. One day you’re casually looking at some story somewhere online and a headline jumps out at you like a pit bull off the leash. From the Guardian, which is a British Newspaper founded in 1821, “To beat Trump, we need to know why Americans keep voting for him. Psychologists may have the answer.” Why does someone writing in a British newspaper want to beat Trump? Donald Trump is running for president of the United States, or am I missing something? I must admit I am developing an interest in the phenomenon of mass mental illness, given that at least half the population and almost the entire media appear to be functionally mentally ill at this point.

The Prima facie evidence was that I had stumbled upon someone who was suffering from this condition, and it was a very bad case indeed. I was intrigued. The author is a fellow named George Monbiot. His full name is George Joshua Richard Monbiot. He was married to a woman named Angharad Penrhyn Jones from 2006 until 2010. George studied zoology in his early years, which makes him entirely qualified as an expert in politics in my opinion. “After graduating with a degree in zoology, Monbiot joined the BBC Natural History Unit as a radio producer, making natural history and environmental programs. He transferred to the BBC’s World Service, where he worked briefly as a current affairs producer and presenter, before leaving to research and write his first book.” wikipedia

Trump is Le Bad..George Monbiot.

You can read more about him if you’re interested, on his wikipedia page. Suffice to say he is the full nine yards of progressivism and it’s attendant delusional lunacy. But to beat Trump we need to know how Americans think? Just fuck off already. Take the log out of your own eye, you cunt. The UK is a fucking basket case, and you’re concerned about what we do? This monumentally stupid article that this moron wrote is full of mistruths, half truths, lies and outright slander.

The Guardian (an Independent Newspaper) prints this rubbish and people eat it up. George Monbidiot should get a paycheck from the Democrat Party in my opinion. In the same newspaper there is another anti Trump article written by a wretched man by the name of Robert Reich. This foreshortened troll regularly spews the most hateful nonsense everywhere he wanders. I’m going to c/p the last two paragraphs of what he wrote about the upcoming 2024 election.

A man of great stature. Robert Reich

The gist of what he is saying is contained below.

“When Americans actually focus on the presidential election and the stark reality of choosing between Biden and Trump, I expect they will once again choose Biden.

Even if Trump is not yet criminally convicted, I doubt that a majority of Americans will want for their president a man who has 91 criminal charges against him, who has been impeached twice, who has orchestrated an attempted coup, who has profited financially while president, who has stolen top-secret documents and who has been judged to be a rapist.”

Okaay Mr Reich. Apart from being charged (unfairly) and (unfairly) impeached twice, the rest of what he says is, to put it kindly, a gross distortion of the truth. This vile trash is what passes for journalism over at the Guardian. Granted these are ‘opinion’ pieces, as is this here ‘journal’ of mine. I don’t imagine the Guardian wants to get sued for slander by Donald Trump, so there’s that. It’s gutter trash journalism, but Reich is as delusional as the rest of them, so it’s amusing if not for the distinct possibility that these people would happily throw dissenters (ie; the MAGA crowd) into a gulag if they had the chance.

Yesterday politician and former cricket legend, Imran Khan was sentenced to ten years jail on some vague charges of “revealing official secrets” just before an upcoming election in Pakistan. Really activates the almonds when you compare it to the endless attacks on Trump which began 10 seconds after he announced his run for president in 2015 and continue to this day

Morrissey ain’t ‘avin none of it.

Before I left the Guardian and it’s begging, I spotted a front page story about how some musicians are whining that Trump is using their music at his rallies. Rather than be pleased that someone thinks it’s so good that it will inspire people, these miserable sods start screeching like banshees about it. It’s a good indicator of the level of the stupidity of these people who used to consider themselves to be outsiders and against the “establishment”. They now are the establishment. The Democrats are trying to get Taylor Swift to endorse Joe Biden again for this election. Someone who seems to have little understanding of politics but a lot of influence, should stay out of it in my opinion. Stolen elections have consequences like wars and lots of dead people.

Taylor writes good songs sometimes, even if they are all about failed relationships and feminism. I don’t think that girl will ever find true love, and maybe she stupidly will endorse Biden like she did in 2020, who knows? Only a fool would endorse someone who has done more damage to the USA than anyone in recent memory, and furthermore lacks a even recent memory of his own.. She’s a fool for love, that’s for sure. The Guardian couldn’t help themselves in the end with a dig at Morrissey who seems to have escaped the progressive plantation, much to their distaste. “If any sad-boy music is going to appeal to Trump, the Smiths are good contenders. When it comes to self-pity, Morrissey and Trump are twin flames.” Oh yeah hilarious. You guys are so witty……. The losers who write this tripe for the Guardian should get a life already.

Late breaking news! The Jerusalem Post has just reported that Tay Tay has just called the Soros family “shamelessly greedy” Uh oh, we make have to rethink this…