some days you wish you’d never turned on the TV. It’s Tuesday. It snowed all night here, and it’s going to snow for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, after I’d finished some desultory shoveling outside, I came in and started watching the ABC’s Q & A, featuring the despicable Stan Grant. There was a fellow on the panel who looked vaguely familiar. Like some aging lib wearing what looked like a washer woman’s house coat. Then it dawned on me that I knew him. Well, sort of. It was Billy Bragg and the Slaughtermen played a show with him in Sydney once. All I remember is that we drank most of his alcohol rider while he was out on stage running through his communist song book. He didn’t seem to mind, but that’s what communism is all about innit? Caring and sharing. Maybe just sharing.

Music changes nothing – Billy Bragg.

In any case, on this particular episode of this stupid show, someone asked Billy whether or not there was a role for “the Troubadour’ in today’s society. Billy’s answer was somewhat ambivalent, in as much as he agreed up to a point, but then went on to say that music was “never going to change anything”. One has to ask then, what does change things? Billy isn’t too bright as we all probably realized right then, since music and the arts are always changing people’s perceptions of the world. Why do we have national anthems for example, if music changes nothing? Music is the glue that holds societies together, and increases our understanding of other cultures. What would the world have been like without all the great composers? What about Elvis, the Beatles, Madonna, and Ed Sheeran? Actually forget Ed Sheeran. Bob Dylan anyone?

Billy really sounded like a dumb fuck at that point. I’ve always thought that anyway, but that’s communism for you. Albo loves him, and that’s all that matters. I suspect he’s thinking of migrating to OZ. Do they still have the ten pound pom deal going, or is it adjusted for inflation? At that moment some female on the panel weighed in about there being “too many white people running everything”. It was at this point that the show developed into a full on racist anti-white display of toxic hate speech against a particular segment of society. This woman wasn’t white, but she was quite comfortable telling everyone on national TV, in a majority white country that there were too many white people running things.

She looked vaguely Indian, but I really couldn’t tell her ethnicity other than the fact that she had brown skin. I wondered what would happen if I went to India and went on TV there and told everyone that there were too many brown people running things? How about Africa? In her words…”I’m really angry, there are too many black people running things here”. She should go to China and explain to them how frustrating it is for her that there are too many Chinese running everything. It begs the question then that if there are too many white people running things in a predominately white country, should we get rid of them? Where are all these unwanted white people running things in white countries meant to go? Switzerland? Seriously. Think about it.

There’s too many Chinese people running things in China.

Nobody on the ABC board of management seems to have a problem with someone coming on the public airwaves and basically saying we have to get of white people. How else are we supposed to understand this, other than we have brown people such as this lady, saying she doesn’t want white people around? If Australia is so white and unpleasant because white people are running everything, why stay there? There are hundreds of brown people countries where brown people run everything. That this offensive, and blatantly racist garbage is tolerated and even encouraged by someone like Stan Grant, shows you what an anti-white racist he is himself. Instead of admonishing her and throwing her off the show like he did a few months ago to some poor hapless audience member who questioned the “Russia is bad” narrative, Stan sits back and allows this rotten bitch to spew her unabated desire for the removal of white people in positions of influence from a white society, which they founded and built from nothing..

I switched it off in disgust. Billy Bragg should probably have immediately picked up and guitar and started singing Kumbaya, but then that’s a slave song and we all know that music changes nothing, so there.