Last night

I watched Tucker Carlson’s interview with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The media this morning seems largely uninterested in any of it. “Morning Joe” looked and sounded like “Entertainment Tonight”, when they weren’t defending Biden’s fragile mental state, made more apparent with his bumbling press conference yesterday. Joe confused the president of Mexico with the president of Egypt among other gaffes. But he’s an old man, they said on NPR, “why did they let the press scream at him like that?” Because he’s supposed to be the leader of the free world maybe? My opinion is that Obama behind the scenes, and knows that Joe ain’t up to the task, and is orchestrating a presidential run for Michelle. That’s how fucking delusional Obama is. TBH, very few people are drawn to Michelle, she has little hope of being president, but the in the cray cray world that these creatures inhabit, the sky’s the limit. There’s also the cheating aspect to consider. It could happen after all, but they had better start filling in the fake ballots now.

Now, about those concentration camps. We only have one.

The Putin interview is being largely ignored by the lugenpresse today because he (Putin) said that they had a peace deal in the works a year and a year and half ago and Boris Johnson (acting for the White House) stepped in at the last minute and nixed it. Why did he do that, you might ask? That’s the question everyone should be asking, but they won’t. In the meantime, thousands of people have been killed in a war that could have theoretically been over in 2022. Putin came across as a reasonable, intelligent, and thoughtful man. That’s not what the western media wants anyone to see, which is why they are pretending the interview didn’t happen. The Daily Mail’s headline for the story, buried down at the bottom of the page underneath a story about Kim Kardashian was, “Tucker Carlson’s Vladimir Putin stunt was like interviewing Hitler without asking about the concentration camps.

Andy Neil. Nice gown dude. Did you buy it, or was it rental?

That’s solid journalism for you. I must have watched a different interview, and I watched the whole thing. The clown who wrote this piece of garbage is Scottish journalist Andrew Neil. He’s a war hawk, and seems to sit on both sides of the ideological fence when it comes to issues like the climate change hoax, and a British Republic. Personally, I wouldn’t trust this guy to be truthful in his journalistic endeavors as far as I could throw him. Andrew has four honorary degrees from four different Scottish universities though. He must be smart if that’s the case. Universities man….

Here’s your ass Colorado

In other news, the US Supreme court yesterday eviscerated Colorado’s ridiculous argument that Trump should be removed from the presidential ballot because “he’s an insurrectionist”. It looks like the Supreme’s decision to throw out the case will be almost unanimous. In this case the Colorado Cool-Aid drinkers who sought to divide the country with this nonsense have achieved the unthinkable. A united Supreme court. It’s almost unreal. Nobody wants to talk about that either…

While again, nobody is talking about the Putin interview there is one thing that people should be aware of. Putin, in explaining how we got this point, said that there was an agreement that Nato would not expand it’s operations to the point where Russia was in a position of being threatened. Russia even asked if they could join Nato and were rebuffed. Time and time again he said, agreements were torn up and promises were broken. He said that all of this started in 2008. Maybe somebody should ask the person who was the US president at the time, (Bush) what their answer to that is. A real journalist would do this, but there aren’t any left in the legacy media.

Happy Friday.