last night I was

thinking of something to write about, but now I’ve forgotten what it was. It was probably bullshit, but not anywhere near the bullshit that you might see on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The other day it was revealed that it’s Joe Biden’s favorite TV show, and that he regularly calls Joe Scarborough to talk to him about the issues of the day. At this stage Biden probably thinks he is Joe Scarborough, he seems so out of it. Nikki Haley’s SNL comments about seeing dead people are starting to infect others. Biden sees them as well. He said recently that just after he had been elected he’d spoken to French president Mitterand at a G7 meeting. Mitterand died in 1996. This morning’s Joe show was all about how the Republicans don’t want border security because they won’t pass the wonderful bill that the Democrats have given them. Therefore the Republicans don’t care about border security.

Joe’s morning face

It’s the same old bullshit, but like a bunch of five year olds these idiots expect people to believe it. The bill is garbage naturally, like of of this excrement that passes for a government right now. It’s political theater. The Democrats are willfully facilitating an invasion, which they are bound constitutionally to prevent. This is why Texas governor Abbot is doing something to stop it. The Democrats don’t want to stop the endless stream. These are potential new Democrat voters, who get free stuff from Uncle Sam. What’s not to fucking like? Steam was almost coming out of Scarborough’s ears at times.. He kept pulling faces even when he wasn’t talking. It was cartoonishly comical.

One of Joe’s flunkies asked regular guest Al Sharpton, a question about the border problem. His “question” was so long winded it was designed to get across whatever talking points were necessary for the day. All Sharpton had to do was nod in agreement, but he of course launched into his usual “Reverend” tone and talked about something else. The feed crashed before I could get the gist of it though. Sharpton’s schtick is to pontificate in his “preacher tone” at all times. It’s like the “word of God”. Whatever he says in his “reverend” voice is irrelevant mostly, like everything else on that wretched show. I do enjoy the comedy however. It always delivers.

Al Sharpton in earlier times.

Across the pond in Dublin, some of the Irish have had enough of the invaders. The media will play it down as usual, but something similar is happening all across the west. People have been told that it’s “badthink” to not want “inclusion, diversity and equality”, even if it demonstrably results in a lesser quality of life for them and more importantly, their children, not to mention the complete obliteration of their identity and culture eventually. The official “right think” is that you should realize that despite the “manufactured” cost of living crisis, there are people in worse and more shitty parts of the world that need to escape to where you live, so you should do the right thing, and offer them sanctuary. You’re the oppressor, look what ‘colonization’ has done to these poor folks. They want to be like you, but then they don’t actually. They want to replace you.

No diversity, inclusion or equity here. Oh dear.

Anything else makes you a bad person, a racist and probably a Neo Nazi. You don’t want to be seen as a Neo Nazi do you? I didn’t think so. I’m treading on thin ice even talking about this I know. It’s verboten to mention the word “White” in any context now. You’re automatically a Fascist or something. White people are a minority on the planet however. Let that sink in. If all the money spend on pointless wars in the past, including cash and weapons for Ukraine and now Israel, etc etc and on and on, were used to help White people in majority White countries (and yes, I’m including Australia) there would be no fucking “cost of living crisis”. They keep talking about the “aging population”. Who gives a fuck? Less people would be infinitely better every fucking where. We could probably even help non White people stay in their own lands. The political class doesn’t give a shit. The UN tells them what to do. Very few of them work for the people who vote for them. It’s all a sham, and a hoax. It’s a con. Look around you. Look what they’ve taken from you already. It’s only going to get worse.