Last night the

Stupid Bowl was on. I didn’t watch it and I still don’t care who won. You couldn’t pay me to watch that shit. After seeing how it finished up, I’m almost certain it was staged to give Taylor Swift a photo opportunity with her “boyfriend”. The whole thing is a publicity stunt. I’m not even really interested in Aussie Rules football any more either. I HATE ALL SPORTS! Even though I have a brand new couch to sit on and watch it, I wouldn’t sully it with that garbage.

The couch arrived the day after it was supposed to, but it was ok. It was easy to assemble. It only took 40 minutes. It looks great IMHO and is a big improvement on the old one. I’m going to post a picture below, so that you can see for yourself. Someone said this place reminded them of a Melbourne students house. Well, it’s pretty much still the same but it’s like we have a stolen couch now.

Yesterday the rumors that Michelle Obama was going to run for president were shot down by former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod. Michelle always wanted to run in my opinion, but they’ve done their polling and nobody likes her. They will now pretend that she was never interested even though we’ve been seeing multiple test flags run up multiple flagpoles saying that she was “interested in running.” It’s all so transparently foolish. The Democrats are stuck with Biden, and that’s that. The only way out is to declare World War Three, which is their Hail Mary at this point.

Dig the groovy couch. Adults must live here now. I know, it’s blocking a fucking closet door

The more interesting stuff is going on in the media/tech sphere anyway. In an interview on InfoWars on Saturday night Alex Jones was talking to David Icke, who is an expert on what he says is the ‘simulated universe that we exist in.’ David has written many books about this and other subjects. He told Alex Jones that there were two sides pushing the idea of AI being helpful to humanity. One was the ‘hard sell’ of the globalist new world order, who want you to live in a world where “you’ll own nothing and be happy”, and the soft sell is Elon Musk and his neuralink brain implants, satellites and colonizing Mars among other things. David said that they were both working towards devious ends, and couldn’t be trusted.

Conspiracy Theorist. My books are my ears. David Icke

Towards the end of the show, Jones opened up the lines to callers and the second caller sounded almost exactly like Elon Musk. “Damian”, I think he called himself, went on an extended rant about the benefits of AI, and how it could liberate humanity from the very limited perspective we have of the universe. As Icke had been saying, our perception of what we can see isn’t even close to what is actually hidden outside of the very narrow visible light wavelength. To enable our brains to see what we can’t see, would open up multiple universes perhaps. In fact the universe that we think we see, may just be an illusion manufactured by forces unknown. Musk…sorry… Damian”s argument was that this is all inherently good and progress, and we shouldn’t be afraid of these things.

I don’t always smoke weed, but when I do I get higher than SpaceX

That’s the only way humans are going to be able to escape the bondage of our current finite existence, he said. Icke wasn’t buying it. After all, he said Musk’s purchase of Twitter was seen as an unmasking of the control that the Deep State had malevolently used to stifle information, yet we still don’t know who his other partners in the purchase of Twitter are. There are 95 of them and disclosure of their identities has been sealed. What are they hiding? Furthermore, Musk has been sending rockets into orbit to deposit satellites all across the heavens, and for what purpose? Surveillance? Transmitting commands via vaccine implanted nanochips?There are more questions than answers at this point. Nobody really knows where any of this is going, and nobody has a definitive answer including me. Maybe we’ll take this up in another journal entry some time. You can watch the Icke/Jones/Damian discussion here

F has a new release – F Live at the Fortress.