Look, it’s an early

start this morning. I’ve got a lot to do. I have to go over some tunes with my bass player, and later run a few errands, so I can’t be sitting here writing stuff all day. Seriously though, it only takes me about an hour to write this journal and that’s probably too long. If I have nothing in particular to say, it might take longer, but since I get almost zero feedback here, I have no idea if anyone even reads it! Maybe one day I’ll have a poll. The worst thing is when I read it back and there are obvious typos. I usually go back and fix them, but sometimes they slip through

This morning I did get up early and caught some of the morning fake news. There wasn’t much to get interested in frankly. A congresswoman called Marjorie Taylor Greene has been showing blowup pictures of Hunter Biden’s sexcapades to a committee investigating corruption related to the Bidens. Of course on Twitter some nonce has posted multiple pictures of Donald Trump with people like Jeffery Epstein, Prince Andrew, Ghislane Maxwell and Ted Nugent, in order to paint a picture that Trump is just as bad, if not worse than Hunter Biden. We’ve yet to see a picture of Don Jnr smoking a crack pipe or getting a blow job from anyone, but maybe they’ll try and deep fake one. These people are desperate after all.

My question is how does Ted Nugent fit in with all of this? According to this dipshit on Twitter, “Nugent also claims in a documentary to have had several relationships with young girls, and seems to brag about gaining their parents’ approval. In an episode of the VH1 show “Behind the Music” Ted admits to a number of liaisons with underage girls.” This is the best part though, ” Singer Courtney Love confessed that she was 12 and a half years old when she performed oral sex on Nugent backstage at a show.” OK, so what? How does this implicate Trump in anything? If Courtney Love said it happened, how do we even know if she’s telling the truth? But this is Musk’s Twitter, free speech, even the most egregious, slanderous crap is allowed. My favorite Tweet regarding all of this was this one (picrel below), from someone calling themselves “Houseplant”.

We’re not allowed to point out these things though. I wonder how long that image would stay up on Threads? It seems everyone has abandoned Threads anyway, so it really doesn’t matter now. In other news, Elon Musk says he doesn’t know what’s going on with the economy. Tesla prices have been cut again. I’ll tell you what’s going on with economy. If people are unsure about the future, and have no trust in the ability of the people in charge of it, the economy isn’t going to stabilize. When (the world’s worst person) Trump was running things, the economy was good. Then came the fakedemic and everything went to hell. Everything is still in hell, only now we are on the brink of a fucking global war. No wonder people are unsure of the future. The economy is being overseen by lunatics.

Whatever man, I don’t want to talk about it. I’m going to go and do some stuff and come back to this later… I just came back from being out. Nothing occurred while I was out or even when I was out……. In the news, Reuters says “Russia warned that from Thursday any ships traveling to Ukraine’s Black Sea ports will be seen as possibly carrying military cargoes, after Ukraine said it was setting up a temporary shipping route to try and continue its grain exports.” This story came from Yahoo! News. Predictably the comments are all anti-Russian.

Wylie being a Yahoo!

“Walter” says, “The UN needs to bring in a line of protective warships to guard the grain routes. If Russia crosses or attempts to cross that line it will be an act of world war!” Is that what you want Walter? ‘Cos that’s what you’ll get. Alibaba has weighed in on Walter’s war drum beating, “maybe you can do us all a favor and volunteer in that protective line. Show those Russians what you are all about and don’t come back until you’ve won.” Take that Wally, you yahoo! Yahoo! News is not the place you should go to find out anything important. Yahoo! used to run TV ads for Yahoo! They don’t seem to do it anymore.

I know the dude who was the voice of Yahoo! His name is Wylie Gustafson. His band (the Wild West) toured Australia in the early eighties. In my role as a record company weasel for Massive Records, (yes, I was a record company weasel for about 5 minutes!) I drove them to a gig once or twice. Wylie seems to have gotten married since I saw him last. He gave me some sage advice once. “Find yourself a country girl. They’ll never let you down.” I recently saw his Facebook page. He seems to have recently married a Filipina woman who has three kids.

Here’s the Wylster doing his yodeling thing.