Mc Nutt’s Law

It’s Monday, as we start another working week in a world full of mentally unwell people who disturbingly, are in charge of things that affect everyone. It’s a growing pandemic. There’s nothing you can do. If you try and tell some people these things they’ll just call you a conspiracy theorist, it’s full blown brainwashing now. Half the planet belongs to the Progressive death cult, and there’s nothing that will dissuade them. I used to think that it was like ‘The invasion of the Body Snatchers’ ten years ago. It’s far worse now.

Instead of pointing a finger at you and making an alien noise, you get, “you’re a conspiracy theorist”. Ok, fine. We tried to warn you, but have it your own way. Unfortunately these stupid fuckers will drag the rest of us into hell by default if we let them.

Here’s a news item from insane world, from yesterday. “Connecticut schools will soon be required to teach students about climate change thanks to a new state law. The new law requires every school district within the state to teach climate change education in line with the Next Generation Science Standards*. The mandate was included within the state‚Äôs budget implementer bill.” The state sponsored religion is part of the modern day indoctrination of children now. The same place (Microsoft Bing) where I got that information, has a heading underneath that reads..”What can high school students learn from climate studies?’ This takes you to an article from the left wing newspaper, The Guardian, which quotes the lunatic politician who legislated for this. It’s pointless telling you who it is, she’s clearly insane, that’s all you need to know. New Jersey has been indoctrinating children with these lies and falsehoods since 2020, so they’re way ahead of the curve.

It’s perfect, for if you get them young, the kids will grow up to be good little communists who will obey the state blindly believing whatever bullshit you throw at them. This is child abuse no less, and mentally ill adults are promoting this. The next thing will be compulsory LGBTQXYZ indoctrination, whereby your normal well adjusted child will be gaslit into thinking that they have been born the wrong gender and need to remove body parts to make everything right again.

These monstrosities are going on unchecked. Invasion of the Body Snatches doesn’t come close. Many people will just decide to not have children, which will further the Progressive plan of getting rid of Western Civilization and replacing it with third worlders from Africa, Asia and anywhere else where there is an oversupply of hungry mouths to feed. The Death March is just getting started. Don’t listen to me though. It’s probably a conspiracy theory.

*The NGSS is a product of the National Research Council (NRC) headed by the appropriately named Martha McNutt, a 2009 Obama appointee to the USGS, who now heads the NRC.