Monday, monday

so good to me. Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be, which was just a regular Monday. I’m watching Palestinian TV on satellite TV. I don’t understand Arabic, but I’m seeing a lot of destruction. They’re not having a good Monday over there. Things look destroyed. At my local emporium yesterday I was asked if I would like to donate to Israel. The Palestinians are the enemy now I guess. Isn’t it interesting how we’re all told whose side to be on? I prefer to remain neutral. Wars and conflicts aside, satellite TV is great though. I don’t understand a word anyone is saying, yet I can figure out what’s going on most of the time.

Not Madonna

Madonna started her celebration tour in London and spoke about the Palestine, Israel conflict. Her “heart is breaking seeing all the suffering”. She went on to say that, “Nobody can break our spirits though, right?” That’s a great way to comment on something with out actually saying anything at all. Yeah, nobody can break us….!!! Hooray for US! Apparently her kids are included in the act. Their mom takes a rest on the couch with a ciggie, and they vogue about for a while. Fab! Over in Senegal I’m seeing the installation of some kind of solar project to electrify the rural parts of the country. Now some cool cat is showing off yams that he grew. I tell ya, it’s all happening right here.

It’s Yam Man

Last week I posted a picture of some kind of futuristic mowing contraption. I didn’t think too much about it until I looked at one of the figures in the picture. See for yourself. Check out the thing in the lounge chair. What the fuck?

It’s kinda creepy. Is that even a real person?

Over at a channel called POSI TV there is a show that is set in Sydney. Some chick is talking to a homeless Asian guy, and she has just invited him to stay at her apartment. Now she’s cooking, and asks him to cut up some carrots. This cat doesn’t know how to cut up a carrot. She’s a student whose main passion is helping people. He sees a picture on the counter and it’s her “sponsor child”. “It’s like $30 a month, it’s not much”..This girl is practically a saint. Now she’s plying the piano. It’s a melancholy song, and Asian boy wanders in and watches. What song is that? It’s an Australian artist.. I didn’t catch the name though. He grabs a guitar and then……accompanies her perfectly. He doesn’t even know the fucking song though! It’s a miracle. This must be a religious show. It’s meandering pap with ads. No thanks.

It’s not a Holidy without a good pillow.

The “Voice” got canned, and it was an obscene waste of money. I could have spared them all the effort, money and waste of time , but nobody asked me. These are the morons you voted for. Now everyone is pissed off. Good one Albo, hope you get to keep your job. Boogedy, boogedy, boogedy, Amen!