Monday, monday

Mundane. It’s March the sixth. I just got back from the Auto shop where I had my car inspected. Of course it passed. I spent $13 hundred for a new catalytic convertor which I had to wait 6 months for. While I was there, I saw a story on the news about thieves who had been arrested for stealing catalytic converters. A man walked in at one point wearing a face mask. He was worried about his tires. The mechanic assured him that he could still drive on them until he could come back tomorrow. He said ok, I’ll not go over 40. He seemed very fearful of life itself, but than he was wearing a perfectly useless mask which doesn’t work at all, but probably makes him feel safe. I never watch the local news, but since I was trapped there for a while, I started paying attention. There was an apartment fire over the weekend in Spring Valley and five children were burned to death. I still haven’t seen anything about the car crash up the road the Saturday before last. If the news people don’t know about it, I guess it never happened.

Lord Haw Haw. The fellow on the BBC this morning looked almost exactly like him.. I shit you not.

I also noticed they were still…..STILL, talking about the stupid vaccines and boosters, like they fucking work. Then I realized why I stopped watching the local news. It’s full of crazy talk. Over at the BBC this morning, Lord Haw Haw’s cousin was telling us how the Russkies were now reduced to using shovels in combat. They were digging trenches with them and sharpening up the blades to use them as weapons. This was meant to convey that Russia was losing, and that we should keep giving money to Zelenskyyyyyyyyy, for the glorious and noble cause of enriching certain groups of people. More crazy talk. Today, I’m gong to continue editing the Sunday before last’s video from the Fortress. It’s going pretty good. We decided (well I did), to experiment with playing a country song. It didn’t turn out that good. It’s not that we’re incapable of playing that genre, it’s just that it doesn’t really work with a three piece band. You need a pedal steel and another guitarist to flesh it out better. That won’t be making it to the Youtube channel. I doesn’t matter. It’s good to try new things, even if they don’t work sometimes. It’s very easy to get stuck in the same place, doing the same familiar and safe things all the time. Everything starts to go stale. You must, for the sake of your own well being/sanity/ growth etc, at least try to stray out of your comfort zone from time to time.

Zombie sex

This is sounding some kind of self-help advice column now. It’s not really me. But what is me? These questions won’t be answered. I’m getting hungry. On the weekend I discovered a Filipino grocery store not too far away. They had take out food as well, and it looked so good that even though I had just had breakfast, I ordered some to go. Some dude there was ordering a huge piece of salted, cooked fish. My order was a goat curry, which is not something that’s on the top of my list of go-to cuisine. It was very sweet and flavorful. I’ll probably go back every week and try something new. I’ll wait until Friday to go back though. I was unpleasantly reassured that all of the staff there were fully vaccinated when I looked at their Facebook page later on in the day. At what point do people do a 180 and realize that none of this covid theater ever worked, or was even necessary in the first place?

It’s like there are two worlds now. The people who actually know what’s happening, and the people (who seem to be the majority) who don’t have a clue. The question is when will they, if ever get a clue? We’re going to be living in a world where at least half of humanity are essentially zombies. See you at the Zombie Sex Apocalypse!