now that

Twitter is out of the hands of the scum who turned it to shit with their Progressive censorship and mental illness, I’ve started to use it. It’s the last day of January, and I’ve just tweeted one of my music videos. It’s a drop in the ocean of excrement that is Twitter, but you never know, someone might see it and think, “that’s interesting”. They probably won’t, but you gotta get involved in the social media, if you want to exist. I had an Instagram account a couple of times, and I still have one. Every time I look at it I am forced to look at a literal bunch of cretins. I have no interest in knowing that they even exist. Today I thought, I’ll try Instagram again, and sure enough, there is a list of idiots who Instagram says are popular. At the top is some fool called “Snoop Dogg”. I couldn’t be more disinterested in “Snoop Dogg”, if I tried. I would rather watch paint dry on a wall for three days, than know anything about “Snoop Dogg”. If I never see the words, “Snoop Dogg” again for the rest of eternity it would be too soon. If “Snoop Dogg” were blasted into outer space, that would be a good thing in my opinion, but then space doesn’t need “Snoop Dogg”, any more than I do. It’s unfair to space to have to put up with this idiot. The same goes for “The Rock”, Kim Kardashian, and whoever else Instagram tells me is important. If Twitter is a cesspool of mental illness, Instagram is a festering repository of single digit IQ Amoeba masquerading as sentient beings with “Snoop Dogg” at the top of the pile.

To summarize, I won’t be using Instagram any time soon, if ever. It really belongs in the Metaverse and the Metaverse’s rightful place is the 4th ring of hell. Last night it snowed lightly. This is good. It’s all melting now. The snowblower is still sitting in the basement, undisturbed so far. I want to keep it that way. I don’t have much to say today, but I will continue on regardless. Having nothing to say hasn’t stopped me yet. The BBC news this morning moaned about the usual strikes, Ukraine, and I’m sure other things, but it was so boring that I started looking at Harry Enfield Youtube videos. Harry doesn’t get seen much on the BBC any more. Like Benny Hill he had probably been cancelled by the snowflakery and mandatory outrage that is part and parcel of modern extreme left wing society. Fortunately most people aren’t like that. There are some great Nelson Mandela skits, maybe I’ll post one below.

The trouble is that with left wing extremism is that enabled by the media, it is seen as having having a dominant voice, when it doesn’t. You only have to watch a news conference coming out of any place Progressives are running things anywhere in the world, to see this to be true. In this age of instant closed captioning, I’m always puzzled to see some weird looking misshapen person taking up half the screen grimacing unpleasantly and jabbing the air like they are possessed. These are the “deaf signers”, translating what the moron at the podium is saying for the hearing impaired. If you Gulag “deaf signers” you’ll find a whole bunch of articles on why it’s so necessary. I disagree. I’m trying to watch something, and half of the entire fucking screen is taken up by these cunts pulling faces and stabbing thin air. It’s fucking annoying, but then it’s meant to be. According to statistics 3.6% of the US population are hearing impaired (deaf)

In Australia, it’s less than 2%, so why are these people taking up half the fucking TV screen then? This is a part of the Progressive world view which seems to be that you’re not fully functional as a human being, unless you have some disability. Being disabled is a virtue, not a burden because it gives you superiority over *abled people. It’s the same mentality that says only white people can be racist, because non-whites are always the ones who are victims of racism. White Supremacy is the root of all evil, because even…

*(being healthy is White Supremacy).

Harry Enfield – Nelson Mandela