null and void

It’s Thursday and I’ve got a drum track. I’ve already tried to add some piano to it. I also added guitar and bass, but I don’t really like it. I’m not feelin’ it, you might say. This songwriting method means that this will happen regularly. Most people I imagine, sit around a piano or strum a guitar to write songs. I have done that before, but I don’t have the patience for it these days. I like to start with the beat. That will dictate where the tune is going to go. Right now it’s going nowhere. I might just play guitar over the drums and see if a song materializes.It’s happened before. The Kings Of Rock and Roll is a good example. I wanted to recreate Mitch Mitchell’s epic performance on Hendrix’ Manic Depression. Since I’m nowhere near the skill level of MM, what I ended up with sounded a bit like it, but not really. The song that came out of it is great though. It’s an epic in its own right. I’ll post it at the bottom of the page. When you’re an artiste without a record company you must do your own promotion. That’s what this is. I’m my own publicist if you will, or even if you won’t.

I can hear a leaf blower in the near vicinity. That was preceded by a helicopter, which was preceded by the sweeper machine. It’s non-stop excitement around here. Maybe I’ll have a song by the end of the day, or a helicopter. I don’t know.

The morning news today gave us some interesting stories, none of which are worth repeating. There was a prisoner swap, but now as I’ve just checked Citizen Free Press, which is one of the least biased online news sources, I see that Bono from U2 has weighed in on some matter. Someone has tweeted that Bono “respects and admires Joe Biden”. Fair enough, but there is no link to him saying it, nor does an internet search bring such a thing up. What does appear though, is a story from 2015 at a Carnegie Hall Aids charity event which appeared on the NY Post.. “Biden praised the U2 singer’s power of persuasion, noting that, during his Senate days, when his proposed legislation for African debt forgiveness went nowhere, “Bono walked in, met Jesse Helms, and convinced him in one fell swoop to forgive $6 billion in Third World debt … That’s when I became a disciple of the church of Bono.”

There would appear to be no doubt that Bono may feel similarly towards Joe Biden, but there’s no evidence that Bono said what he said from that tweet. Citizen Free Press shouldn’t be posting that, so the lesson is here, that you can’t trust nobody without verification.

I’ve done a little bit of research and discovered that there was an event at The Kennedy Center in Washington on Sunday Dec 4. I think it’s in Washington, I just visited their website and there is no actual address that I could see on there. I don’t really care either way where it is TBH.

Anyway, this event was to honor a bunch of entertainers for something or other. U2 was among the honorees. That’s probably where Paul Hewson (Bono) make his admiring comments about Fuck Joe Biden. Who gives a shit? That’s the question here today.

Answer = NOBODY.