Oh no, Google

just told me that I could lose access to my 20 plus years of Gmail history if I don’t hand over personal ID, like a phone number. I certainly wouldn’t want to lose all that fucking spam and bullshit that I constantly get. The few emails that go back and forth between friends of mine and other legitimate transactions are dwarfed by the sludge and garbage that Gulag regularly serves up. That’s not mentioning the spam that they receive, but thankfully I don’t get to see. At least the asshole who was using my gmail account name as his own has seemed to have stopped. Fuck these people and their “blackmail”. I’ve downloaded most of it anyway, so nothing of value would even be lost at this point.

I had to take my Beemer over to the mechanic this morning. It’s a 14 year old car, so things will go wrong over time. It’s great to drive though, and I can’t stand the idea of getting something else, because I like it so much. On the weekend I also helped with the bringing in of the hay at the goat farm. That was ok until I walked around the corner of the barn and saw that there was yet another wagon full to the top with hay bales. I had thought that there was only one. It’s only once a year and I got some free goat’s milk, so what’s to complain about? If anyone reading this hasn’t had raw goat’s milk I can thoroughly recommend it. Unlike the stuff you buy at the supermarket, it doesn’t have that “goaty” taste. It’s just like cow’s milk, only better. A few years ago I stopped at a farmer’s market and bought some raw cow’s milk. It was so rich it was almost unpalatable. The full strength milk in the supermarket doesn’t compare. This stuff has all the cream still in it. It’s not something I’d drink on a regular basis.

Despite taking a picture, my phone refuses to hand it over. You’ll have to make do with a shot of my messy compositional space instead.

That’s how the day started. How’s it going now? Not too bad. It’s still fucking hot as fuckery. It’s 94F outside. I’ll take a picture. Rain is on the way as you might notice. You also might notice that it’s 82F inside*, and that’s with the A/C on! I finally picked up my keyboard yesterday, and started fiddling with it. It’s basically a hunk of plastic that downloads everything from the mothership and that’s how you get all the sounds. Windows being the POS that it is, didn’t like the software, so I still haven’t been able to wrench one note out of the thing. I’ve got plenty of time though.

Old Lady is next to me … maaan, it’s creepin’ me out holmes!

It’s so hot I’m not even wearing a t-shirt. It’s a topless journal today. I won’t post a picture even though I don’t look too bad at all. You’ll have to take my word for it. I don’t know what’s going on in the news, so I can’t comment on it. It’s something I don’t miss at all. I don’t even look at message boards anymore. Eventually I’ll be like the guy living in the jungle thirty years after the war has ended. In a self imposed media blackout. I did go to a Turkish restaurant on Saturday night. It was in Connecticut, and on Saturday nights they have a belly dancer. She was pretty talented. At one point she had a sword balanced on her head. I was too hungry to concentrate much on her act though. People had their cell phones out, naturally. You should have been there.

For those who missed out. Notice how happy the men look.

*The fucking exhaust pipe had fallen off the back of the A/C, and hot air was blowing into the room. Fuck me!